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  • 3DS Does Well Despite Lack of Console Interest
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Despite the fact that numerous articles have been written about the fall of the handheld gaming console, Nintendo’s latest numbers might be proof that consoles of the handheld sort aren’t going anywhere. Of course, there are some factors impacting these numbers that can’t be ignored, but Nintendo might have gotten the handheld gaming idea right from the start.

Where other companies have tried and failed, Nintendo has stuck to its gaming guns. As a result, the Japanese company might be the only gaming company left that doesn’t have to resort to mobile or to providing gamers with content that isn’t game-related. This is huge news in a world where handhelds are almost extinct. The 3DS, on the other hand, has sold widely in Japan and elsewhere. What has Nintendo done right? Here are some ways that this company is stepping far and above the gaming crowd.

Content: An Amazon Lesson

If there’s one thing that any given company can learn from Amazon, it’s that content rules. Take Amazon’s Kindle Fire, for example. The Fire isn’t an example of device mastery, it isn’t particularly pretty to look at, and it doesn’t have anything truly amazing going for it. Yet, the Fire is selling like hotcakes. Why? Amazon is impossible to beat when it comes to content. Try as other companies like Barnes and Noble might, they can’t compete with what Amazon has to offer.

Nintendo isn’t unlike Amazon when it comes to content. Nintendo currently has a surplus of 100 gaming titles available for download. If you compare this number with, say, the titles available via the Sony Vita, the 3DS clearly wins out (to be fair, new titles are being developed for the Vita as you read this, but this is also the case over at Nintendo). The logic behind Nintendo’s many game offerings is simple: consumers who buy a handheld system want access to lots of games. What’s so complicated about that? Nothing really; but it is a concept that few other gaming companies have picked up on as of yet.

Other Reasons Nintendo Is On Top

While the 3DS is a fun handheld and there are plenty of titles to go along with this device, there is another very good reason why Nintendo is reporting large numbers. The retail price of the 3DS was drastically dropped last yet. Right now, you can purchase a 3DS for around $180. Comparably, the Sony Vita is retailing for $249 – that’s a $69 (plus tax) difference. Most consumers are going to go for the cheaper handheld that comes with more titles – it’s just sensible.

Then there’s the company itself. Nintendo has (and has always had) a solid reputation. Nintendo creates excellent games for gamers of all ages (often, Nintendo games are noted as “family friendly”). Other gaming companies might have one or two hits, but Nintendo really has a lot to offer. So, should you purchase a 3DS? If you’re looking for a handheld that has plenty of available titles, a solid device base, and a great price, the 3DS is certainly worth a second look.