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  • Great iPhone 4 Accessories
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The iPhone 4 is one of the best devices ever invented, but it can be so much more. With the right accessory, you can turn your iPhone 4 into many different things. Ever since the first iPhone was sent to market, different accessory manufacturers have been making iPhone accessories. Now, the market is crowded with these extras.

Some of these accessories are, admittedly, a waste of money. Others are pure genius built upon necessity. If you are stuck in a three year contract, and you won’t be able to upgrade to the iPhone 5 when it is finally released, you will find some of these accessories worth every penny.

MiniDock -- $20

The problem with charging an iPhone is that wires tend to cross floors or leave your iPhone sitting on the floor while charging. Unless you have a convenient place to put your iPhone when it’s charging, leaving it flat on the floor also leaves it vulnerable to feet, animals, and anything else that comes in its path.

The MiniDock for iPhone 4 is the perfect way to avoid any charging troubles. This dock comes in the form of an outlet that has a small space for you to dock your phone. This docking device doesn’t include any wires or mess, and it allows your iPhone to sit nicely on the charger while the phone is being charged. Compact, small, and perfectly smart, the MiniDock is something that every iPhone user should consider (the MiniDock also works with iPods and iPads).

IDAPT Universal Charger -- $40+

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least three devices that need to be charged regularly. The problem is that most of these devices require one outlet, and you probably only have a few outlets to spare. This is where the IDAPT Universal Charger comes into play.

The IDAPT Universal Charger comes with three different charging stations that can be used for any kind of devices. These stations are easily adaptable to fit the device that you need to charge, and you can also plug a charging cord into the side of the docking device. IDAPT’s design is also quite sleek, so you won’t mind placing this device someone in your home. You’ll need to find a flat spot to place the device, but you’ll be able to charge as many devices as you want all at the same time.

Headphones Galore

There are all kinds of headphones available for your iPhone. Many of these headphones were meant for participating in sports, sleeping or partaking in some other activity that your Apple issue headphones don’t work well with. There are too many iPhone headphones to mention, but you might want to take a look at the Apple Store. You’ll find lots of great headphone options there, and you’ll even find some options that you didn’t know existed.
Do You Need Accessories?

Maybe you don’t need any iPhone accessories, but why not? If you’ve come to rely on your phone as the best way to listen to music, make phone calls, keep up with social networks, and keep in touch with your life in general, you’ll want to enhance the things that your phone can do. Sure, the iPhone is remarkable enough on its own, but the accessories listed above will make it even better.