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You’ve probably heard all of the Kermit The Frog quotes that you can stomach. Yet, being green is here to stay. From Earth Day to Earth Hour to Earth Minute, the world is obsessed with conservation (and that’s a positive thing). In an effort to keep up with this trend turned way of life, software developers are attempting to tap into the green scene.

Granted, most green software is directly related to energy conservation. Still, the software world is making progress when it comes to keeping the earth clean. In fact, much of this software enables large companies to remain green. From monitoring to providing reports, green software has become part of the environmental landscape.

Some Noteworthy Companies

Many software companies are making giant green strides. Some of these companies stick out from the rest due to software applications. Surprisingly, various large companies all across the globe are shelling out top-dollars for green software that works. As this field become more competitive, you can expect to see a few new developers enter the green market.

While many of these software developers cater specifically to larger corporations and companies, some developers are targeting consumers as well. GreenRoad is one company that’s making every attempt to help you cut down on gas consumption. The idea behind this software is to help you improve your driving habits by telling you to slow down, drive carefully, and avoid wasting gas (around $300). Another interesting company is eMeter.

eMeter’s software effectively computes numbers that have been gathered from utility companies. Things like billing, power consumption, maintenance problems, and other issues can be successfully compiled using eMeter software. Some of eMeter’s clients include TorontoHydro, California Edison, and many others.

Green Consumer Software Options

I’ve already mentioned GreenRoad, which is kind of like having a virtual green fairy godmother in your car. But, there are many additional green software companies to keep your eye on. Lots of large software developers have cut back on packaging, and many others are providing software via download instead of software that’s wrapped in lots of packaging.

When it comes to the software that you already own, you can take part in being environmentally aware as well. Recycling your CDs and DVDs is a possibility with companies like GreenDisk and Ecodisk. Both of these companies accept consumer software that is no longer working. Just send in your old goods, and you won’t have to worry about contributing to growing landfills.

The Future of Green Software

As with any other industry, the software industry is a competitive one. Therefore, those companies that first entered the green market now have a fair amount of competition. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The future of green software looks promising. Many companies throughout the world are working on ways to monitor consumption of fuel and water, while other developers are attempting to provide consumers with greener products.

Right now, green consumer software is somewhat pricey. Yet, you can expect this cost problem to dissipate as more and more developers grasp the enormity of the conservation scene. Is green software just another form of marketing? Perhaps. But, it is a form of marketing that will benefit the environment in the long run.