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  • GrubWithUs: Eerie, But Fun.
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Tired of dining alone? Perhaps you’ve heard of a site called GrubWithUs (perhaps not). GrubWithUs is a kind of social network meets foodie site, only you actually get to meet the people you are talking to on the site. Confused? Here’s how it works. When you head to the GrubWithUs website, you will see a list of cities. After selecting a city, you will then see a list of new “Grubs.” Grubs are meals that people in your city are signing up to eat right now.

For example, you might see a pizza Grub in NYC, and next to the “Grub Now!” sign, you will see a price listing. If you choose to purchase this Grub offering, you can join other diners in the NYC area who have signed up to eat the meal you purchased. You’ll also see the time and date that the meal will take place. You can purchase your meal online, so all you have to do is show up. See? No more dining alone and you can have meaningful conversations with all the foodies in your town through this site. Not only is GrubWithUs a fun website, but it’s a site that’s recently gone mobile.

GrubWithUs Mobile

GrubWithUs mobile makes it possible to chat with fellow diners, use your phone as your reservation ticket, and even find out where your favorite GrubWithUs members will be dining next (that’s the creepy part). Say, for example, you want to dine with a GrubWithUs member who you’ve met before for whatever reason. GrubWithUs mobile will send an alert to your smartphone when that person reserves a new meal, and you can see what meal has been reserved. If you so desire, you can then join that member for the next GrubWithUs meal.

Now, GrubWithUs claims that these member alerts are no different from viewing who has signed up for a meal on the GrubWithUs site. But, I’m still finding this feature a bit eerie. After all, it only takes the right stalker type to follow a single girl or guy to a restaurant at every turn. Then again, I suppose that you can find out this information anyway just by using your smartphone. Creepiness aside, GrubWithUs sounds like a lot of fun for those who love to eat.

How the Price is Negotiated

All meals and prices are set up and arranged by the GrubWithUs staff. So, you might find a meal on the site that includes an unbeatable price, and you’ll have the GrubWithUs staff to thank. GrubWithUs has also stated that the mobile app will allow people to request certain restaurants, but this feature isn’t available right now.

The whole point of GrubWithUs is to bring foodies together through an innovative social food site. The idea behind GrubWithUs is a great one, and if you are looking for a group of friends (or people you will soon know) who share your passion for food and want to dine with you, go ahead and give GrubWithUs a shot. At the very least, you’ll make some new friends, eat some great food, and get into one of the best restaurants in town for free. Right now, GrubWithUs mobile is free to download and works with both iOS and Android.