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Wearing earbuds while training just doesn’t cut it. They slip, they slide, and they are hard to keep in place while crawling, doing burpees, or really doing any movement other than walking on the treadmill (and no serious weightlifter walks on the treadmill!).

There have to be better headphones out there, right? Well, there are, and they are probably one of the best things that you can get anyone that’s into fitness this holiday season.

Here are my top training headphone picks:

Jabra Sports Wireless: I like the idea of not bothering with wires while training, and Jabra’s Sports Wireless come up time and again as some of the best wireless earbuds out there. These earphones ship with different earbud shapes and sizes, so that you can be sure you’ll get the best fit.

Price: $100

Philips ActionFit Sports: Philips has designed the ActionFit Sports headphones specifically for exercising. These earbuds are sweat-proof, fit snugly inside of your ears, and come with a shorter cord if you want to attach them to a phone holder.

Price: $19.95

Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro: the name of these earbuds pretty much says it all. Yurbuds has created a special locked earbud that really grabs onto your ears, and it’s pretty darn hard to shake those buds out no matter how much you try. The drawback here is the audio quality, which isn’t top-notch.

Price: $45

Jaybird Sportsband: I don’t love the look of these headphones, but if you don’t care about aesthetics, you may just love what Jaybird has to offer with the company’s Sportsband. The Jaybird Sportsband is wireless, lightweight, stays put, and wraps around your head - plus, they come in nine different colors.

Price: $99

Alternatives to the Arm Band

The headphones and earbuds listed above are the best out there for training, but what about arm bands? If you aren’t a fan of the armband, you may be happy to know that there are alternative ways to keep your phone strapped to your body while you are training. Take a look at these options.

Running belt: you can pick up any one of these at a sports store, and they are a better alternative to the arm band option. Just look around for one that really works for your body type, since some work better for certain body types.

Make one: anything that wraps around your arm will do nicely, as long as it’s a snug fit. CNet has a nice tutorial on how to turn an ordinary tube sock into a phone holder that you may want to check out (plus, it’s a free idea if you have an old tube sock).

Underfuse: the Underfuse pocket is an iron-on pocket that adheres to any tight workout clothing you have. Just iron on the pocket, put your phone in the pocket, and you’re ready to go - a really practical solution, but you can only iron on the pocket once.

Do you have favorite gym headphones, or a better phone keeping solution (other than putting your phone in your sports bra or short pocket)?