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  • Limited Edition Xbox Coming Soon
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Are you a Halo fan? If you love the graphic game that fans just can’t get enough of, you are going to love what’s in store for you from Microsoft. A new branded edition of Xbox is hitting store shelves in November, and this one is all about Halo. The outside of the new console has a Halo design, and every other part of the upcoming Xbox is also Halo-oriented. Not only are both controllers included in this bundle wrapped in Halo-covered colors, but there are some other goodies that Microsoft announced at Comic Con today – read below for additional details about the all-new Halo themed Xbox.

This Xbox Is All About Sound

What’s the one thing you want more of when you play Halo? If your answer to this question is “sound,” you and Microsoft are on the same page. The new Halo Xbox will come with enhanced sound effects that make playing Halo a lot like living the actual game. All you need now is a massive sound system to intensify the sound effects even more, and you will have a home theater that’s ringing with Halo from top to bottom. In addition to enhanced sound effects, the new Halo Xbox also comes with a copy of Halo 4, tokens to play Halo via Xbox Live, and a wired headset – talk about a full package!

Halo Xbox Design

The folks over at Microsoft have provided lots of top tech sites with photos of the upcoming Xbox. So far, the console is covered in Halo graphics. Some might find the design choice a bit of overkill, but this is, after all, a console for the ultimate Halo fan – others need not apply. Aside from the Halo design, the Xbox looks just like all the other consoles of this type on the market. The standard Xbox shape and size remain the same as do the controllers. What’s really different here is the limited edition design, which may or may not become a collector’s item one day.

Release Date and Pricing

As with most other device manufacturers, Microsoft is hard at work this summer creating new devices to be released at a much later date. Most devices that are being produced this summer won’t actually be released until this winter, and the new Halo Xbox is no exception to this rule. Right now, the announced release date (at Comic Con) is November 6th across North America. The limited edition Halo Xbox will come with a $399.99 price tag, which is fairly standard for the console.

That’s about all the news that Microsoft has released regarding the new Halo console, but I’m sure that the gaming company will be releasing additional information in the near future. Right now, you can check out the design and overall look of this new Xbox by heading to the Microsoft website – or, you can simply head over to Comic Con if you happen to have a ticket! If you are a Halo fan, will you buy this console come wintertime? Let me know what you think of Microsoft’s latest Xbox edition in the comments.