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  • Haze: A New Way to Look At Weather
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Does the iPhone really need a new weather app? How many weather apps for iOS have popped up over the last few years (months even)? Is there really any other way to look at the weather? What’s wrong with the standard in-box iOS weather app?

You may be asking yourself these questions this morning as the new Haze app makes news headlines. But, wait, there is something different about Haze. It’s not just a weather app. It’s a great new weather app that really is different.

Why Haze Is Unique

Haze lets you know what the current weather is. But, this app doesn’t just list the weather with a set of boring old numbers. Haze provides users with a colorful and interactive screen that changes color according to the current temperature. The current weather in your area sits in the middle of the Haze screen and seems to float. At the bottom of the screen are three setting options that include current temperature, the amount of sunlight you will receive each day, and the amount of precipitation.

Tapping the current temperature reading will bring up additional bits of information such as the current position that you are in (SSW/N), what it feels like outside, and other details. Swiping from left to right will bring you to either the precipitation page or the current sunlight page. Each page features its own floating number. Tapping on each number brings up more information. Haze lists useful information such as the current UV index and even showcases an umbrella sign when it’s rainy enough to need one.

A Gradient Screen

The really great thing about Haze is the gradient screen. When looking at each panel, you can tell whether it will be colder or warmer the next day. If tomorrow is going to be a warmer day, the gradient screen will point upwards. If tomorrow will be colder, the screen will point upwards. Each gradient screen will change according to the current panel you are viewing. For example, if you are looking at the sunlight panel, you will be able to tell whether or not tomorrow will be sunnier than today simply by viewing the way that the screen moves.

Haze is really an all-around weather app that finally moves weather forecasts into the current age. Gone are the boring standard weather numbers. In their place is a fun to use app that predicts the weather using colors, orbs, and gradients. Haze is not a free app at $.99, but it’s worth the price if you are tired of the same old weather apps.

Right now, Haze is only available for iPhone, but the company may bring the app to Android sooner rather than later. The one drawback to this app is that you can’t view the weather forecast for an area other than your own.

So Haze is not the app to bring with you if you want to go on vacation and still want to know what the weather is like at home. That said, Haze is a fun all that will go through a series of upgrades and updates as it gains more use.