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  • HBO Connect: Your Ticket to Comic Con (Kind Of)
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San Francisco will be buzzing this weekend with self-proclaimed Comic Con geeks. This massive event has a cult following, and it is the one event not to miss if you happen to be in love with all things comic and semi-comic. Like, for example, HBO’s popular series True Blood and Game of Thrones. If you can’t make it to Comic Con to see the likes of Sookie Stackhouse or Eric the Vampire, you might be able to jump on something that will be almost as thrilling (alright, not quite as thrilling, but still kind of cool).

HBO is offering True Blood and Game of Thrones fans a backstage look at the Comic Con festival via HBO Connect. Fans of these two shows can see all kinds of behind the scenes details and even connect with stars of the two shows who will be Tweeting live from the Comic Con event. Best of all, checking out HBO Connect is absolutely free, and HBO is starting its celebration of the Comic Con activities this week, so you can get a head start.

What To Expect from HBO’s Coverage

Aside from the fact that all of the major True Blood and Game of Thrones actors will be at the Comic Con event, HBO will show fans some series secrets. Things like how sets are made and how much makeup actors have to wear will be included in the HBO Connect show. Of course, if you follow either show via Twitter, you will also be able to chat with an insider live. HBO is making sure that its fans are happy in an effort to boost user participation through the Connect site. In case you aren’t familiar with HBO Connect, this site is essentially a social network for popular HBO shows.

HBO launched Connect back in 2011, and the site is doing relatively well with serious die-hard fans. But, HBO is taking Connect one step further with the Comic Con coverage, which will be the first live-tweeted event controlled by major show actors. If you are fortunate to be holding tickets to San Francisco, you will see actors of both True Blood and Game Of Thrones at the event, as well. If not, HBO Connect is definitely the next best thing out there.

How to Use Connect and Twitter Details

Now that you know how awesome HBO Connect is going to be throughout the Comic Con festivities, you might want to know how to use Connect, right? Well, you can visit the HBO Connect website here. If you want to follow along with a True Blood or Game of Thrones actor (Luna from True Blood and Hodor from Game of Thrones will be manning the Twitter accounts), make sure to add @TrueBloodHBO and @GameOfThrones to your Twitter feed.

Now that Comic Con is ready to roll, HBO is taking the event by the horns and spreading the comic joy to all True Blood and Game of Throne fans. While you won’t be able to talk to Anna Paquin online, you will be able to ask Luna what Paquin is doing, who she’s speaking to, and, you know, other normal questions. Make sure to head to HBO Connect now to get in on the conversation.