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You won’t have any trouble finding health apps if you search for them, but a lot of those apps are somewhat useless. To find the ones that will really benefit you health-wise, you have to comb through the bad to get to the good - but that could mean a number of downloads and trials.

Instead of spending time trying to find the best health apps that will actually benefit your life, take a look at these tried and tested apps that have been proven useful for most people.

The Big White Wall: this app gives people suffering from mental health issues a place to vent and share problems. Real people will provide support and respond to your queries, and the app is entirely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about someone finding out who you really are.

The site is also monitored around the clock by various people just in case someone is suicidal or is really having a hard time and needs feedback right away. The Big White Wall is subscription-based only, so you will have to pay to use this app. In the long run, though, if you don’t want to spend money on a therapist and you need mental help, this app could save your life.

Headache Diary Pro: do you suffer from terrible headaches regularly? This app will help you track your headaches, so that you can note how you felt, what medications you took, what helped and didn’t help, and other details that may lead you to an answer about why your headaches are happening and what you can do about them.

Sleep Cycle: if you have a hard time sleeping or are an insomniac, Sleep Cycle will help you figure out what’s happening. This app tracks your sleep patterns, and lets you know how long you are in deep sleep mode, how long you are sleeping, and other details that are all important to track when you’re an insomniac. If you have trouble sleeping, this type of app can really put things into perspective.

RunKeeper: this app is great if you are a runner or if you are trying to increase your speed or just become better at your overall run. RunKeeper tracks your distance, speed, and provides a handy GPS-based map that lets you see where you ran in the past, and where you are going during future runs. You can also interact with other people that use the app, so you can compare your runs to the runs that your friends make using this app. If you do like running, RunKeeper is one of the best running apps currently available.

Android or Apple?

Are there more health apps available for Android or for Apple users? That’s the question that most people using either an Android or Apple phone want to know. The answer is that the two platforms are fairly comparable now when it comes to the availability of apps, but Apple tends to have more options than Android still.

Then again, it does depend on the app. Some app developers would rather work with Android or Apple, so take a look at the app that you want to use, and find out where it’s available. If the app that you have your heart set on isn’t available through the platform that you want to use there might be an alternative waiting.

The health apps listed above are some of the best out there, though, so it’s worth looking into one or two of those apps in order to find something that you can use to help you move forward health-wise.