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  • This TV Tuns to Face You - Not the Other Way Around
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Certain sports cars have something called a memory setting. This setting allows drivers to program seat positions, so that every time a particular driver gets into a car, the seat will automatically adjust to that programmed position.

Imagine a TV that does the same thing. Instead of sitting in a place where you can see the TV, the TV adjusts to your favorite seat. Sounds futuristic, right? Well, that’s because it is, kind of.

Bang and Olufsen has recently developed a TV called the BeoVision Avant that does exactly what those high-end sports cars do. This TV remembers your favorite places to sit, and adjust accordingly, so that you don’t have to move around to find the TV screen – the TV moves to find you. That’s not all this TV can do either. The high-end TV company has set its sights on making this television future-proof, and the BeoVision doesn’t disappoint.

So Many Neat Things

The fact that the BeoVision can move to make viewing easier for you is a great feature. All you have to do is program a few favorite spots (yes, you can set this up to accommodate more than one person), sit down, and turn on the TV using the remote that comes with it. After that, the TV will move, so that you can see it clearly from where you’re sitting by rotating on its stand. In addition to the memory setting, the BeoVision TV also has a hidden soundbar.

When this TV is turned on, the soundbar drops out from underneath the device, and spreads to meet either corner, so that it spans the whole width of the TV just like any other soundbar. The difference here is that the soundbar is kept out of the way. If you happen to have other Bang and Olufsen speaker devices in your living room, the BeoVision TV can adjust sound based on the devices that you have and where you are sitting. Your back speakers, for example, can turn into center speakers with sound adjustments all happening from the BeoVision remote.

The BeoVision Remote Controls All

Another really interesting thing about this TV and remote combo is that the BeoVision remote can control various other devices like an Apple TV, gaming consoles, and any other streaming box that you have. This means that you can place any box out of sight behind a cabinet, and the BeoVision remote will turn on all the devices, find what you’re looking for, and it will do all of this without the need to actually see any ugly box.


The BeoVision TV from Bang and Olufsen is really future-forward. This company doesn’t assume that your TV is the center of your living room, or that your living room is devoted to just TV watching, which is why the BeoVision adjusts to where you’re sitting – not the other way around.

But, a TV that does all of this doesn’t come cheaply. The BeoVision retails for around $6,000 USD (base price), and that’s a hefty price to pay for a device that you’ll probably want to replace in six or so years – still, it’s great to see companies like Bang and Olufsen creating TVs that accommodate viewer preferences.