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Searching for a flight online can easily induce a headache. Most flight search websites are full of text. In order to understand where a flight is going, how much it will cost, how many layovers you’ll have to endure, and other information, you have to squint at a page in order to read all of that text. Needless to say, there’s nothing really enjoyable about looking for a flight online.

Hipmunk aims to take that flight search headache away for good. This website features a colorful chart that explains all important flight information. With one glance at the chart, you’ll see what flights leave at what times, pricing, and many other details. This makes searching for the right flight a lot easier, and far less time consuming.

The Hipmunk Agony Feature

Humorously, Hipmunk has added an “agony” column to flight searches. This column details the amount of agony you’ll have to deal with when you choose a flight. Some flights require layovers and all kinds of other hiccups. These flights gain a high agony score. As I’m sure you can decipher, flights that don’t involve a lot of hassle gain a lower agony rating.

If you like, you can search for flights based on agony ratings. Or, you can customize a flight search according to your budget or other criteria. If you’re looking for a flight that’s painless, there are few better ways to find the right flight than with Hipmunk – the site even includes a cute cartoon character for your enjoyment.

The Hipmunk iPhone App

Not to be outdone by other airline websites, there’s now an iPhone app for Hipmunk. This app does everything that the Hipmunk website can do, but it also includes one very cool feature. If you want to find out which flights have free Wi-Fi, you can do this using the Hipmunk app. This app feature is for those people who can’t get enough Twitter or Facebook.

While not an absolutely necessary app features, it is great to know that you can get free Wi-Fi on some flights. This is an especially handy feature if you happen to work in an industry that requires constant emailing or social media monitoring. As with all other Hipmunk options, you can search for flights based upon Wi-Fi criteria.

Who Needs Hipmunk

You can book a flight through another site, but why bother? Hipmunk makes it easier to read about all that important flight information. You’ll also find the Hipmunk interface simple. If you decide to use the Hipmunk website, you will discover that search for a flight is as easy as entering information into the search box.

If you use the Hipmunk iPhone app (free), you’ll find that this app is useful in many different ways. The developers over at Hipmunk have really through the site through. The thing that I can’t understand is why more people aren’t using the Hipmunk service. Perhaps this is a matter of poor marketing, since the service itself is top-notch. Whatever the cause, if you need to book a flight, make sure to check out Hipmunk.