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  • The New Hipstamatic D-Series
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There’s no shortage of camera apps out there. In fact, the camera app market is somewhat saturated at the moment. But, there’s always room for innovation, and that’s where Hipstamatic’s new D-Series app comes into play. Before I go into the details, I’ll tell you that some people are already commenting negatively on this app. Many believe that there’s no place in the digital world for apps like the D-Series, but I disagree. Now that you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, let’s talk about what the D-Series does.

Most picture apps, like Instagram, provide users with instant digital images. The moment you snap a photo, that photo is displayed for everyone in your network to see. For many, this type of instant gratification is the whole point of having a digital camera (or a smartphone that acts as a digital camera). On the flip side, there are still some people who prefer the element of surprise to knowing right away. Those people will thoroughly enjoy D-Series, since this app doesn’t show you the photos you have taken until an entire virtual roll has been completed. Let me explain…

How D-Series Works

D-Series was meant to be shared with all of your friends. In fact, it’s kind of useless to use this app without sharing it with someone. In order to grasp the concept of this app, you’ll have to think back to those days of old when you went to an event with a friend, and only one of you had a disposable camera. During those days, cameras were passed around from friend to friend, so that everyone could take photos. Once the roll was completed, someone developed the roll, and everyone was then able to view the photos that were snapped. Well, this is the concept that the D-Series app is based upon (without the disposable camera bit).

When you sign up for a D-Series account, you will be asked to invite friends from Facebook or from other sources. Once your friends have been added, anyone can “Start a New Camera.” After a new camera has been started, friends that are part of a camera group can all snap photos using their smartphones – here’s the trick: nobody will be able to see the photos that were snapped until every photo in the 25 photo virtual roll has been taken.

Once that roll is finished, all of the photos that were snapped will be shared with everyone in a group. See how much fun this app can be? Best of all, you don’t have to pass around your phone to use the D-Series app. All you have to do is invite friends, start taking photos, and see what comes of it. Of course, this means that you won’t be able to Photoshop or edit any photo to your liking, so put on your best face!


Hipstamatic’s D-Series app is available right now through the Apple App Store. Since this is currently an iOS app, it’s not available on any other platform. However, this availability may change as soon as this app catches on. D-Series is also a free app, so you don’t need to worry about spending any unnecessary money. I urge you to test out this app for many reasons, but most of all because it’s a great lesson in remember that some things are truly worth waiting for.