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  • Hitch.Me: Dating For the Business World
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If you are single and an active member on LinkedIn, you might want to turn your eyes towards a new dating site aimed at the business professional. Hitch.me is a site that’s exclusively reserved for LinkedIn users. In fact, it’s the only dating site that connects LinkedIn users (through user profiles) with other LinkedIn users. Not only is this site the first of its kind, but it’s a dating site model that’s bound to become very popular with business professionals worldwide.

Considering the fact that most dating sites are for those who don’t take dating (let alone anything else) seriously, Hitch.Me is bound to capture a good deal of attention – serious, business-like, attention. Most business people who are looking for a mate don’t want to mess around with dating sites that connect them with people who aren’t serious about work or life. For this reason alone, the single professional crowd is bound to find out that Hitch.me is the perfect place to find a mate.

A Different Kind of Dating Site

Instead of filling out a profile (“likes walks in the rain, doing yoga, loves cats…”), Hitch.me allows members to browse through thousands of LinkedIn profiles. The premise is that everything that needs to be said about someone already exists on a LinkedIn profile. From there, interested parties can send a 250 word note (great idea), a smiley face, or a presentation to a potential mate. That’s right, you can send a business-style presentation to someone you are hoping to get a date with (better brush up on those PowerPoint skills!).

Unlike other dating sites, Hitch.Me does not charge users a monthly fee. Instead, this site works on a credit system. To view someone’s profile, users must obtain 20 credits. To send someone a smiley face, 50 credits are needed. If you want to show off your presentation skills, you’ll need 100 credits. All users begin with 200 credits, and credits can be purchased using a credit card (different prices apply to credit packages). Hypothetically, you could speak to a whole lot of people if you spend around $50, which is cheaper than paying a monthly fee.

Why It Will Work

Hitch.Me is geared directly at business professionals. Not only is the site only for those who are on LinkedIn, but Hitch.Me also connects members with one another. For example, if you want to see who you might be compatible with, Hitch.Me will show you a list of people who match your preferences, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for a mate. Hitch.Me also does something that’s rather interesting, once a user has signed up for Hitch.Me, that person is not allowed to change their profile picture.

This way, you can alter your LinkedIn photo after you’ve signed up for a Hitch.Me account, which keeps the dating site on a professional level. Also, think about it: would you really want to put a racy photo of yourself on your LinkedIn page? Chances are that you’re more apt to post a photo that really represents who you are, since all of your business contacts are on LinkedIn, right? If you happen to be on LinkedIn and you are looking for a mate, Hitch.Me is the site that you will want to sign up for.