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If you plan to work from a home office, there are some tools that you will need. Aside from necessary office equipment (printer, computer, and phone), certain programs are essential. Working from a home office is exactly like working from any other kind of office.

The only exception is that you can’t rely on someone else to provide start-up cash for you. This means that you will have to spend a fair amount of money setting up your home office space. Most software programs are relatively inexpensive, though some of them will require a small investment.

Microsoft Office Suite -- $100+

It’s tough to get things done without a word processor or spreadsheet program. The Microsoft Office Suite comes with most new systems, though this is not always the case. While there are other suites of this sort on the market, Microsoft Office is widely used.

You may be able to purchase older copies of Office via the Internet, but it’s highly recommended that you purchase the latest version. While the Microsoft Office Suite will cost you more than $100, this is an investment that will last for many years (it’s also one that you may not be able to live without).

Adobe Reader -- Free

The great thing about Adobe Reader is that it’s free. Well, that’s not entirely true. There are many great things about Adobe Reader. When clients send you a PDF file, you’ll need to open that file successfully. The only way to accomplish this task is to download Adobe Reader.
Adobe doesn’t come with any spyware, advertisements, or other garbage. It is, however, packed with plenty of useful features that are somewhat customizable. Adobe Reader is a vital work tool.

Invoicing Software

You’ll notice that a specific type of invoicing software is not listed here. This is due to the fact that there are many different invoicing and accounting options. Thousands of people all over the world enjoy what QuickBooks has to offer. Other people are drawn to such simplistic programs as FreshBooks.

No matter what program you choose, you’ll want invoicing software that’s simple to use. Keeping track of accounts is hard enough. You don’t need a program that has a complicated interface to make matters worse. Some programs will cost you around $30 per month, while others will cost you more than $100.

Adobe Flash Player -- Free'

Adobe corners the market when it comes to great free software. Flash Player is another Adobe tool that you’ll need. You can download this tool for free from the Adobe website. Without Adobe, the Internet is a strange place. This program makes it possible to view movies and websites that are flash-based.