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Social media sites seem harmless enough, right? But, the harm that sites like Facebook and Twitter can do are well documented - especially when it comes to kids that use the Internet for the first time. The Internet is full of cyber bullying, dishonest, trouble, and, sometimes, real dangers. What do you do if your child is just about the right age to start using the Internet regularly? Why not put them through a driver's ed-type course that focuses on social media?

The Kickstarter Campaign

HomePage is a startup that aims to help kids understand social media and the Internet better. This company wants to teach kids about social media, how to use social sites, and take them through virtual training programs. In short, HomePage is a drivers ed course for the Internet, and it's directly aimed at helping your kids navigate the Internet.

The HomePage course "speaks directly to teenagers" according to the current Kickstarter campaign video. This courses accesses various multi-media sources like texts to teach teens how to act while using social media. Why? Because a lot of parents are worried about letting kids use the Internet freely. What will this course teach?

What HomePage Teaches

HomePage has been primarily developed for kids, but the course will also cater to parents. HomePage's parent courses teach parents what social media is, who sites like Facebook are used, and what kids will be doing online. Not all parents are tech-savvy, but HomePage will help to bridge this gap.

The HomePage program will also include an online social media monitoring software package, that will help parents see what kids are doing online. Will your kids agree to use HomePage? They will if it's the only way that you'll let them set up a social media site. HomePage eventually brings kids and parents together, so that the whole family has a clear understanding of how to use social media, what boundaries are, and what is and isn't acceptable when using sites like Facebook.

How to Get HomePage

Is your kid itching to start using a social media site? You might want to check out the HomePage Kickstarter pledge page. The company has already surpassed its original goal (proving that parents want this program), and you can pledge to receive your HomePage package. Your kids might not like going through a social media usage program (they probably know more about social media than you do!), but they will acquiesce if it's the only way that they will be using the Internet.

Afraid of what your kids may do online? Want to set some boundaries? Need a way to understand social media and all of its uses? HomePage is the first program of its kind, and it's already generating a huge buzz. Sign up to support this project if you have a teen that wants to use social media, but needs a lecture or two first. Your thoughts? Will you let your kids use sites like Facebook if they go through this program first? Let me know!