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  • Hotspot Shield VPN Service Goes Mobile
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Hotspot Shield has just announced that they are going to be offering a mobile app for iOS mobile devices, such as the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is a popular VPN service which encrypts your browsing to protect your data while using public Wi-Fi. Hotspot Shield VPN, developed by AnchorFree Inc, was previously only available for computers, but users can now enjoy the security they've come to expect from this VPN service, on all their internet devices. The best way to protect one's information is to make it difficult to access, by using encryption services, like the Hotspot Shield VPN mobile app.

Identity theft is a serious problem and a huge burden to victims. In this digital age, we've become more vulnerable to cyber criminals. It is entirely too easy for hackers to access a person's browsing history, especially when using open Wi-Fi networks in public. Once the hacker has access to your online history, he or she can access bank account and other financial information. Most people conduct at least some of their financial transactions online, which leaves them vulnerable to identity theft. Fortunately, it isn't too difficult to protect your information from cyber-criminals.

Hotspot Shield VPN and other similar services encrypt your browsing data, so that if you do become a target, the hacker will not be able to access your online history. Once downloaded, the app runs constantly in the background, encrypting your activity as you access the internet. The app is designed to encrypt everything from browsing history, text and SMS messages, to emails and Facebook updates. All applications running on the device that use data are encrypted and protected. Hotspot Shield VPN service also adds an extra layer of protection by causing Safari to load all sites as HTTPS, wherever possible.

The new iOS app has all the same features as the existing Hotspot Shield VPN desktop service, which is trusted by 10 million users. In addition to encrypting your data, the mobile application also compresses your data, which can save customers money on their cell phone data plan. The app can also save users time, knowing they can safely pay bills while waiting for a meeting to begin or in line at the grocery store.

Another really great feature of the Hotspot Shield VPN service, is that it allows users to work around blocked websites. It is a popular choice for people traveling or living in other countries without access to their favorite sites, such as Flickr, Youtube and Facebook. This app enables people to unblock any blocked content on their computer or mobile device.

The app offers a free 7-day trial period for new users, to get a feel for the service and make sure it doesn't slow down their devices. If you wish to continue after the trial period, there are two subscription options. A monthly subscription is available for $0.99 or customers can choose an annual subscription for $9.99. Hotspot Shield VPN only takes up 1.4 MB of space. It is compatible with all Apple devices and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store.