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  • Buying a House? Check Out the House Hunter App
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The process of buying a home really needs a revamp. If you’ve ever walked through a number of homes holding a number of listings in your hand (and listening to the many things that a real estate agent rambles on about), you know just how tough it is to keep track of anything. From trying to figure out if the home you saw last week had that great walk-in closet (or was it this week?) to remembering those small details, your pad of paper and pencil can only do so much.

The fact is that it’s super easy to get bogged down in listing details without really knowing one house from the next. It’s also easy to forget those things that you hated about one house and loved about another. Thankfully, there is a great new iOS app that will help you keep all of those smaller details in mind and compare one house to the next. The app is called House Hunter and it’s being hailed as one of the best home hunting apps available.

It’s All About Keeping Tabs

House Hunter lists all of the homes in your area that you are interested in. Then, the app also lets you check off certain features of a home as you walk through a house. When you’ve visited a number of homes, you can then compare each home that you saw using this app. For a bit of a clearer example, consider the following scenario:
You want to buy a home in downtown L.A, so you use the House Hunter app to find a home in a neighborhood you like.

While searching for a home, you can also add certain amenities that you must find in each home in order to consider a purchase (garage, pool, whatever you like). Then, House Hunter will generate a list of homes that you are considering according to your specific requirements and price point.

When you visit those homes, you can use your House Hunter app by tapping each feature (the app will pull up a large list) that you like and you can even make notes about each home you visit. Once you have finished looking at all the homes you have found, the House Hunter app will compare each home that you looked at and each home will be rated, and you can then send that rating list to your real estate agent. House Hunter also includes a mortgage calculator just in case you fall in love with a home that’s a bit out of budget.

Price and Availability

There are two version of the House Hunter app. House Hunter Lite is a scaled-down version of the app that doesn’t let you check off many features or compare homes, but is still useful in its own right. House Hunter (the full version) will cost you $4, but this is $4 well spent on an app that will make the whole real estate buying process a heck of a lot easier.

Right now, House Hunter is only available for iOS users. In the future, House Hunter might be available on Android or other platforms, but there’s no news of this availability yet. If you have an iPhone or iPad and you’re looking for a house, House Hunter is worth a download.