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  • The New Google HP Chromebook 11
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Google's HP Chromebook is here, and this one is light, fast, and really affordable (really!). Google unveiled the new HP Chromebook 11 today - here's a first look.

Inside the Chromebook 11

The HP Chromebook comes with Google's own Chrome OS (entirely cloud-based), a Samsung Exynos (say that two times fast!) processor, an 11.6-inch display, a 16GB SSD, and 2GB of RAM. Plus, you'll get 100GB of Google Drive storage if you purchase a Chromebook. But, that's not all.

Google is also offering up a 60-day free trial of Google Play Music All Access. Wait, there's more! Google also wants you to check out the company's 'Go-Go In-Flight Internet' for free (a free trial, anyway) with this new Chromebook - that's a whole lot of Google packed into one very affordable package!

Pricing Details

So, how much can you expect to pay for an 11-inch Chromebook of this magnitude? Google is pricing the new Chromebook at $279. That's not a bad price at all to pay for a Chromebook. This also happens to be one of the lightest laptops available, and that's a big deal if you carry your laptop around a lot.

Google's new Chromebook weighs in at 2.3 pounds. That's pretty much one of the lightest laptops you'll find out there. Plus, the Chromebook comes with a full keyboard and some other stuff like a headphone jack and some speakers that are "digitally tuned." This laptop also comes with dual-band WiFi, 2 USB ports, a SlimPort (video), and is Bluetooth 'Smart Ready.'

Availability and Other Details

You might say that this Chromebook really does have it all. It's small, affordable, and comes with everything you could want in a laptop of this size. The only possible drawbacks are that this Chromebook is likely to have a short-lived battery life, just like Google's other Chromebooks. That could be a major negative for some people.

Otherwise, Google's newest Chromebook is really worth a look if you are in the laptop market. This Chromebook won't compare to, say, a MacBook Pro, but it is a very good alternative to many other compact laptops on the current market - plus, the price of this Chromebook is really hard to beat. But, are Chromebooks worth purchasing if you're looking for a traditional laptop?

What to Know About Chromebooks

One of the biggest drawbacks to Google's Chromebook is that all photos and files must be stored online - that's why this is a cloud-based device. It's also necessary to connect your Chromebook to the Internet at all times, and this includes when you want to access apps. That's how Google's Chromebooks work, so you won't escape these two facts.

If you don't mind a truly cloud-based laptop option, the newest Chromebook from Google is a good buy. Heck, you really can't purchase a laptop of this magnitude at this price elsewhere. So, what do you think? Are you ready to fork over $300 for a new Chromebook? Or, are Chromebooks something that you wish would just go away?