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  • The HP Folio 13: Why This Ultrabook Is Such a Great Buy
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The HP Folio 13 Weigh-In

Ultra light, ultra portable, and ultra popular, ultrabooks are here to stay. In fact, a vast majority of consumers now prefer the ultrabook to any other kind of portable system. When carrying around a computer on a daily basis becomes a must, there are few better options than an ultrabook and none quite as portable and packed as the HP Folio 13. Not only has HP gone all-out when it comes to the Folio 13’s design, but this ultrabook is thin and powerful.

Comparing the HP Folio 13 to the MacBook Air doesn’t seem quite fair, since Apple’s Air is still the ultrabook to beat as far as size and weight is concerned. But, HP fairs relatively well in the weight category. Apple’s MacBook Air weighs 2.9 pounds (at the time of this writing), and the HP Folio comes in at 3.25 pounds – just a bit heavier than the Apple gold standard. This means that you can carry around the Folio without weighing down your bag or breaking your back.

If you’re wondering why HP didn’t make the Folio quite as light as the Air, there’s a really good answer to that question. The HP Folio 13 comes with one heck of a battery, and that’s a good thing. While most ultrabooks tend to conk out after a few hours of use, the HP Folio kept on ticking after more than 8 hours of use – that’s right, this ultrabook can run for more than 8 hours on one single charge. Go ahead, try and find another ultrabook that lasts as long as this one does. I will wait.

Screen Size

Not only is weight important, but screen size is also one key feature to look for when ultrabook shopping. Sure, you’ll want to purchase an ultrabook that is light and nicely designed (this one is), but you don’t want to have to squint every time you want to read something. HP gave the Folio 13 a 13.3-inch screen, which is just enough to make the Folio a good reading and viewing laptop. Speaking of reading and viewing, another thing that HP did right is to surround the Folio’s screen with a black matte finish, which actually helps to reduce a bit of glare.

As much as I like the HP Folio 13’s screen, I will admit that this screen may not be ideal for anyone seeking to do lots of editing work (print, video, or otherwise). If your days are spent editing, you may want to look for an ultrabook with a larger screen, but not until you read about what’s inside and outside of this ultrabook (then you can decide).

From the Outside In and Inside Out

HP did a stellar job designing the Folio 13. This laptop really looks slick and won’t be any kind of an embarrassment when traveling, attending meetings, or just hanging around at your local coffee shop. Inside the Folio, you will find a dual-core i5 processor, a solid state 128 GB drive, and 4GB of DDR3 memory. HP has also packed this ultrabook with ports including USB 3.0, Ethernet, HDMI, and USB 2.0. You’ll pay around $899 for this ultrabook, but you’ll also get a heck of a lot with that sticker price.