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  • HP Lowers Tablet Price -- Again
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Tablets are the new laptops, and every company wants a piece of the tablet action. This includes HP. The HP Touchpad has been on the market for awhile now. Originally, HP developed the Touchpad to compete with Apple’s iPad. In order to place the Touchpad in the iPad realm, HP priced the Touchpad around $600.

When the HP tablet wasn’t selling, the company tried all kinds of different ways to interest consumers. While some consumers may buy a Touchpad based upon pure curiosity (coupled with a lower price), this isn’t helping HP become a serious tablet competitor. In fact, some feel that HP’s tactics are a little more than desperate.

The HP TouchPad Saga

As soon as HP realized that the TouchPad wasn’t going to sell, the company promised consumers a $50 rebate. When that didn’t work, HP tried bundling all kinds of software. When that failed, HP offered deep discounts. The latest HP tactic involved a $100 price drop for consumers who purchased the TouchPad up until August 4, 2011.

TouchPad sales are still lower than HP would like. It’s obvious that HP needs to sell some tablets, but at what price? Seemingly, the company should stop dropping prices and offering discounts before the TouchPad is completely discredited. So, why aren’t consumers snatching up TouchPads left and right?

Why TouchPads Aren’t Selling

The HP TouchPad had a lot of reviewers excited. Finally, it seemed, a tablet that could effectively compete with the iPad had arrived. Unfortunately, the TouchPad fell very short of reviewer’s and consumer’s expectations. While the TouchPad is sleek and easy to handle, it isn’t reliable or fast.

The biggest consumer complaint against the TouchPad is that this table just doesn’t work right. Apps take a long time to load, the tablet can be picky, and it’s tough to use the tablet in general. Add all of these things up, and you have a tablet that isn’t worth the price – no matter how far HP is willing to drop those numbers.

It’s no wonder now that HP is trying to get rid of extra tablet stock. Unfortunately for HP, they have yet to succeed when it comes to selling consumers the advantages of the TouchPad. Today’s consumer is well aware that reading tablet reviews before buying any expensive item is essential.

More Tablets for HP?

There’s no new yet as to whether or not HP plans on release a new tablet. Judging from TouchPad sales, HP needs to work on perfecting a tablet before releasing it to consumers. Otherwise, the company will set itself up for more failure, and that would just be a crime. Everyone who has the ability to create a tablet wants to take down the iPad – it’s only natural. Yet, few have come close to competing with the iPad at the moment.

HP’s price dropping tactics haven’t gained the company many new TouchPad supporters, and it’s not likely that the majority of informed consumers will begin using TouchPads anytime soon. Unless, of course, HP starts giving these devices away for free!