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  • IceClean For Mac

Apple’s main advertising campaign is based on products that work every time. Apple wants users and potential customers alike to believe that no Apple product needs upkeep. But, this isn’t the truth. Apple computers, like any other computer, need upkeep. Granted, Macs don’t require as much upkeep as the average pc, but keeping your Mac up to date is still important.

Mac users should run Mac updates regularly. Systems should be updated to avoid any problems, and backup should also be a part of any computer usage routine. If you’re new to Mac, you may be confused by the updates that you need to run and those that you don’t. That’s why it’s a good idea to configure your Mac to update itself as needed.

In addition to updating your Mac periodically, it’s also a good idea to keep your system clean. IceClean for Mac is a tool that will keep your Mac updated and clean without any extra effort on your part.

What IceClean Does

The IceClean app will conduct basic cleaning commands such as cleanup .plist preferences, fix disk permissions, repair system disks, and perform a number of other basic tasks. IceClean will also manage disk utility tools that may prove challenging to manage otherwise. This app runs without issue, and you’ll barely know that it’s working.

The best part about IceClean is that this app is free. Mac system maintenance and optimization have never been as simple as they are with IceClean. You can head to the IceClean website and download this app within minutes. It is a good idea to check the app site regularly in order to ensure that there are no new IceClean updates to consider.


No app comes without a drawback or two, and IceClean is no exception to this rule. The main problem with IceClean is the app’s interface. Some users will find the interface sluggish and un responsive, which can pose a big problem given the nature of the app.

Another problem is that command line responses are provided after a command has finished running. Again, this is a minor issue that can be overlooked in most cases. Aside from these two drawbacks, IceClean is a great system maintenance app that’s highly recommended by this reviewer.

Who Can Use IceClean

At first, some average users may find IceClean a bit tricky. But it is possible to get over the slight learning curve that IceClean includes. Users can also head to the IceClean site in order to read help items, contact technical support, or find out what other users are doing. Really though, IceClean should work without much interaction from a user at all.

There’s a small “review” section on the IceClean website that allows users to post reviews of this app. Some users have also asked questions and received answers from the developers of IceClean.

If you want a way to keep your system in-check, but you’re not sure if IceClean is the app for you, it’s a good idea to check out what users are saying inside of the review forum. You’ll quickly discover that IceClean has received rave reviews from all sides.