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  • Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note to Receive ICS Update
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Samsung announced recently that it plans to offer a software update to Ice Cream Sandwich for its Galaxy S2 LTE and Galaxy Note models. The update is expected early 2012. Through the months to follow, it plans to update the Galaxy R phone, Galaxy Tab models 10.1, 8.9, 7.7, and 7.0 Plus as well. This news is released a week after Google had announced the Samsung Nexus S would be getting the same upgrade.

Samsung is the first to come out with an ICS device, the Galaxy Nexus smartphone, with a sleek looking 4.65 inch HD display and 1.2GHz processor. The fast, and much anticipated, smartphone was released by Verizon Wireless last week here in the US, and reviews clearly show that the power behind this phone is its OS rather than its design, which (according to some) is a bit lack-luster.

Good Idea?

Not only did reviewers complain about the Nexus' feel in their hands (it was a bit top-heavy, making it rest strangely in the hand), the vast majority of those upgrading to ICS had problem after problem. Some users weren't able to send text messages after upgrading, and others reported the Google+ Instant Upload feature stopped working (never a good thing when it comes to social networking on the go!). Many users claim their wi-fi list comes up empty, keeping them from connecting to a network.

Some users reported having to manually refresh their email inbox rather than having the data pushed to their device, receiving a notification when new mail is received. To top it off, it appears as if it is slowing other users phones down across the board, and some are even losing signal strength.

If you take anything away from this information, it would be not to jump right on to an upgrade right away, especially something new and different, like an OS. Those who jumped on board and immediately upgraded to ICS learned this the hard way. Wait and see what happens to others and decide when it is the right time to upgrade yourself (most likely when the bugs are all worked out.) If not, you could end up like some users of the Galaxy Nexus, whose phones turned off completely during the update process and never turned back on.

Other Manufacturers To Follow Suit

Other companies, such as HTC and Motorola, plan to release upgrades to ICS as well, most likely during the first half of 2012. Motorola plans to switch its Razr over to ICS at some point early in the year, while HTC plans to offer ICS in its Sensation, Sensation XL, Sensation XE, Rezound, EVO 3D, EVO Design 4G, and Amaze 4G. HTC already offers an ICS upgrade for the Vivid.

All of the devices listed will have a rough upgrade date, it will all be dependent on carrier and location. Be cautious when jumping on the upgrade bandwagon. You just never know what might happen unless you sit back and wait to see what others' experiences are like.