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  • iCracked Will Fix Your iPhone
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What can you do if you crack your iPhone, iPod, or iPad screen? You have a few options. You can send in your phone for repair (but this takes a few days); you can bring your phone to an Apple Store (again, a few days); or you can bring it to an unauthorized repair shop.

The repair shop is where most people bring their cracked Apple devices, but some repair shops have no idea what they are doing. If a repair shop happens to crack your screen further or break your phone, you're simply out of luck. Now there's a better way. A company called iCracked has expanded overnight - for one really excellent reason.

iCracked: Where Your Device Gets Repaired

iCracked began with one person. Now, the company has more than 300 technicians spread across the world in eleven different countries. These technicians use iCracked's philosophy on repairing cracked Apple device screens. So, what does iCracked do, exactly? This team of techies repairs cracked Apple device screens, but that's not all.

In addition to screen repair, the iCracked team also fixes any phone or device that's been dropped in water or dropped on the floor. Basically, if you've wrecked your Apple device, the iCracked team can fix it for you. Right now, the team is solely devoted to repairing Apple devices, but the company hopes to start working on Android devices soon.

Repair Costs

Is it worth sending your phone to the iCracked team for a repair? It all depends on how messed up your phone or device is. Some repairs can cost around $200 while other repairs are less than that amount. iCracked also offers a "do it yourself" repair kit for those adventurous sorts. This kit comes with everything you need to repair your own device including instructions. If you're feeling brave, it might be worth it just to purchase the kit.

While there are other ways to have your Apple device repaired, iCracked offers experienced technicians that come with a guarantee. This company is also backed by Apple, so that helps when it comes to trusting iCracked to do the right thing. Plus, this startup has gained more than $700,000 through Y Combinator, so backers see something really valuable in the iCracked service.

How to Use iCracked

iCracked will also buy back any Apple device that you currently have, so you can get money for your device if you're looking to upgrade. That said, here are the ways that you can send in your device to the iCracked team.

First, you can check the iCracked site for an iCracked team near your current location. If you don't see a team tech repair man near you, you can send in your device to be repaired. If you don't want to send in your device, you can order the DIY kit for $70 (depending on the device - this price is for an iPhone). What are the other rates? For an iPhone repair, you will pay around $99 to send in your phone and in-house repair rates vary.

Got a cracked or water-logged Apple device? Check out iCracked - it's a great way to repair that costly device!