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  • How to Get Into Microsoft's ID@Xbox Program
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ID@Xbox is Microsoft's new self-publishing platform for the Xbox One. This program will allow accepted developers to create games for the Xbox One, in order to make those games more accessible.

Any developer seeking to get in on the ID@Xbox program can now send an application to Microsoft through the company's Xbox One store (applications are available on the site).

What do you need to do in order to make sure that your Microsoft application is accepted? Here are some tips.

What Microsoft Is Looking For

Microsoft is looking for developers with a prove track record. If you've had some success developing PC games, working on other platforms, or creating an indie game that's gone viral, you have a good shot. There is no fee included in the application process, but you do have to know what Microsoft is looking for if you want to be a part of this team.

Microsoft reps have told press that the company is seeking developers with a proven history first, but the company will later look at newer indie developers.

Because Microsoft is really looking for someone unique, the company isn't simply checking off boxes on a giant checklist as applications pour into the site. Instead, the company plans to look at each applicant on a per-person basis.

What's In It For You

Other than the chance to say that you developed an Xbox One game, Microsoft will be putting all of the indie games developed for the console in the same game purchasing space as big name games.

So, your game will be right next to names like EA. It's all part of a move by Microsoft to provide indie game developers with a way to really get games out into the mainstream, and it's a tactic that lots of companies from BlackBerry to Sony have implemented.

Developers that are accepted into the program will receive two free Xbox One development kits; access to Kinect, Game DVR, Xbox One hardware, and Xbox Live matchmaking/friends. Developers will also have access to the Microsoft cloud for Xbox, but there will be pricing attached to that (no details yet). This isn't the first foray into indie games for Microsoft, but this time around the company plans to go about things differently.

Better Than Xbox Live Indie Games

In the past, indie developers shied away from working with Microsoft's Xbox Live Indie Games program because the revenue generated from these games was minimal. Plus Microsoft included a lot of game development restrictions.

All of that has gone out the window, though. The newest indie incubator development program aims to put indie developers at the top of the list, and Microsoft also plans to work on revenue incentives. In short, developers will ear more from indie games this time around.

Microsoft hasn't released any other details about the new ID@Xbox Program, but the company is taking applications right now. If you are an indie game developer, Microsoft's newest development program might provide just the kind of exposure you have been waiting for.