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  • iGrill: The Grilling Thermometer for iPhone
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From candy to barbequed meat, temperature is important. Thermometers of all kinds are sold to bakers, candy-makers, and BBQ fanatics in kitchen stores throughout the world. Some come with advanced technology. Others come with many different alarms and bells. The iGrill thermometer comes with Bluetooth technology that connects to your Apple device.

What iGrill Can Do

The iGrill thermometer was intended for those who are considered grill perfectionists. But, the iGrill tool can also help people bake perfect cakes and make great candy. Essentially, the iGrill is a thermometer outfitted with dual probes, an alarm, and Bluetooth connectivity. When an iGrill probe has been placed inside of an oven, barbeque, or large vat of boiling sugar, temperature information is then sent to your Apple device.

For example, you may be seeking the perfect temperature for a medium-rare steak. Simply place the iGrill probe inside of your barbeque, shut the lid, and turn on your Apple device. The temperature inside of the barbeque is them relayed to your Apple device via Bluetooth. The iGrill app display is clear, shows temperatures accurately, charts temperatures, and even lets you know when an item is cooked to perfection.

Who Needs the iGrill?

Well, in order to answer that question, you’d have to define the term “need.” Some celebrity chefs such as Alton Brown may get a kick out of such a highly accurate, high-tech, device. Equally, any backyard barbeque junkie will find the iGrill irresistible. After all, it’s not every day that a simple iPad or iPhone can detect the perfect grilling temperature.

The iGrill is also useful if you want to monitor temperatures with complete accuracy. You can set the iGrill alarms to ring when different temperature levels have been reached. This option can come in handy if you plan on smoking something as well as grilling. With this device, you’ll never turn out over or undercooked food again.


You knew that a device this cool wouldn’t be cheap. Well, you were right. The iGrill can be purchased starting at $99. There are some more advanced iGrills that can be purchase for around $112. If these prices are a bit out of range, you can buy a factory refurbished iGrill for around $89. Extra probes, an iGrill apron, and other toys are also available through the iGrill site.

Now, iGrill has been around for a few months even though this device has not gained a lot of press. This is largely due to the complexity of the app itself. You’ll find that this app offers lots of temperature information, but some users may find that the details offered are just a bit too much. After all, the point of the iGrill is to grill the perfect food, not to chart the smoking temperature of ribs (unless, of course, this is your goal).

When all is said and done, you probably don’t need the iGrill. But, this is a fun toy nonetheless, and it’s just another thing that your Apple device can do (take that, Android users!). It may also be the one item that the food fanatic in your life doesn’t have.