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  • The iHealth Align Brings Glucose Monitoring Into the Tech Age
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The technology behind blood sugar monitoring is somewhat archaic. While things like heart rate can be tracked with a simple wristband, this isn’t the case when it comes to diabetes.

Most diabetics still rely on the old pinprick method - prick finger, stick strip in reader, and write down daily results. Blood sugar levels should be taken throughout the day, and this leaves many diabetics with notebooks full of results and little else.

A new device called the iHealth Align might be changing the way that diabetics read blood sugar levels. This device puts those vital numbers into the current age with technology that makes sense for a connected world. The iHealth Align not only reads blood sugar levels, but it also transmits those numbers to your smartphone via Bluetooth - and it does more than that too.

How the iHealth Align Works

The iHealth Align plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone. Using the test strips, you can prick your finger, drop your blood onto the strip, and the readings will appear on your phone in a minute. Here’s where the iHealth Align gets interesting. In addition to providing you with that one number, this test kit provides you with a set of different numbers. You’ll be able to see your blood sugar trends, insulin, medications, activity levels, averages, and other data that can’t be done with most other readers.

There are some other blood sugar kits on the market that provide information like averages, but those don’t appear on your phone. By keeping this data on your phone, you can simply look at the app to compare data across a month or week. From this information, you can tell when your sugar is at its highest, lowest, and what the trends are. All of this data will help you control your blood sugar levels better and more accurately than ever before.

The Price

You might expect something like the iHealth Align to be expensive, but it’s actually quite affordable. The actual kit is $16.95 to purchase, and the strips that come with it are $12.50 for a box of 50 strips. That’s not a bad price to pay for a gadget that can provide you with lifesaving details about your blood sugar levels. It may be hard to get your insurance provider to cover the cost of the iHealth Align, since most of those companies go by the “well enough alone” philosophy, but you can try.

The iHealth Align works with both iPhone and Android, and it’s extremely user friendly. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to use this device instead of a regular glucose monitor. There are other devices like the Align on the market too. The Wireless Glucometer from iHealthLabs is another good option, and that device communicates with your Android or iPhone through the company’s app.

Making Progress

It’s nice to see devices geared towards practical medical applications. While apps are fun and running wristbands are great if you’re a runner, a device that lets people accurate measure glucose levels and keep track of those levels via phone is life changing.