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  • Google Inbox Gets Trello and GitHub Integration
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Google is making some very useful upgrades to its email inbox app.

The company is working with both Trello and GitHub to make getting updates from these two programs a lot simpler for users. Both of these changes are necessary and Google Inbox users will find these updates accommodating - here’s more.

Trello and GitHub Get Formatted

In case you haven’t used the virtual meeting space Trello, here’s a quick summary of that program. Trello helps teams that might be spread across the globe (or in various offices) communicate when it comes to various projects. Trello can be compared to Slack in a lot of ways, but it is a bit clunkier in some ways (Trello chats are formatted like small cards that people can add documents to or just respond to).

GitHub probably doesn’t need any kind of introduction, but that program allows developers to drop code and share code as needed and as necessary (another handy office tool or just a tool that makes developing simpler). So how will Google make getting notifications from these two tools simpler for Inbox users?

A New Trello and GitHub Setup

Google has determined that its Inbox users use Trello and GitHub more than other programs, so the company has devised a way to spit out messages from those two programs for users to simply and quickly digest. When you upgrade to the new Inbox, you’ll see emails sent to your inbox from Trello and GitHub if you use those programs.

Those notification emails will include the information that you want to see in a bullet-point format, so you can quickly see what information you need to know (without going through a bunch of messages or opening up the actual program). GitHub users will also get code changes and file views included in email notifications.

Quick Access

The other great thing about the new Google Inbox upgrades is that users will be able to quickly switch to Trello or GitHub app when using Android or iOS. A quick button will take users directly to those programs - so no more searching around for those respective apps. Additional updates include being able to delete a message directly from a user’s inbox (you no longer have to go into the message - just swipe) when using a smartphone.

Lastly, Inbox is now integrated with Drive, so you can easily attach any Drive files directly into your Inbox without having to open up Drive in any manner. You can also edit Drive files, save Drive folders directly in Inbox and even edit documents in Drive. All of this will come with the newest version of Inbox by Google. Many of these changes were options that users have been asking for. Google has decided to listen.

Google’s Inbox has proven to be a very successful test of a new inbox concept thus far. Inbox aims to make email simpler and it does a very good job at this task. Now, Inbox will include more ways to work with programs like Trello and GitHub without having to switch out of Inbox - welcomed integrations.