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  • Inside Android 4.0
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Android 4.0 is now available, and it’s already taking the Android world by storm. This version of Android is more streamlined than previous versions, and users who update will definitely see a major difference. In case you’re wondering, the name Ice Cream Sandwich is synonymous with Android 4.0 (this can get confusing, I know). Names aside, Android 4.0 is worth upgrading to if you’re currently an Android user. Here’s what’s new inside of the latest and greatest Android update.

An Ethereal User Interface (UI)

Ignoring the Android 4.0 interface is impossible to do. The biggest difference here is that completing the most basic actions with Android 4.0 is easier and far more intuitive than ever before. The newest Android installment has been customized to work seamlessly with high-resolution screens, which means that fonts and type will be clearer than every before. You’ll also notice that the System Bar has a new look – one that makes a lot more sense.

The System Bar now includes Recent Apps, Back, and Home navigation tabs. To navigate quickly, all you have to do is tap one of those tabs and you’ll be where you want to go. When using any app, all System Bar options will be available, though it is also possible to dim these options when not wanting to see the System Bar at all times. Aside from the gorgeous new interface, Android 4.0 has also redesigned the concept of widgets.

Widgets: Now Resizable

Sometimes it’s nice to see all of your widgets lined up in a row. Other times, a clean and fresh home screen is what you’re after. Now, you can choose to make your widgets large and wide or to diminish them completely. If you’re familiar with Android, you know that the main advantage to an Android home screen is that you can access an app through a widget right from your home screen. Well, this same awesome feature is part of Android 4.0, but now you can play around with the size of those widgets.

Lock Screen Takes Its Cue From iOS

Android VS. iOS debate aside, the new Android 4.0 does seem to take its lock screen options directly from iOS. As with iOS, it is now possible to access a camera directly from the lock screen without actually unlocking your phone. However, Android takes this option one step further than iOS by also allowing users to check messages directly from a lock screen. Of course, music management is available from the lock screen using both Android 4.0 and iOS.

When Will Android 4.0 Be Available?

Android 4.0 is rolling out on the Sony Xperia line today, and the platform is already available on other Android devices. If you have an Xperia or other device that currently supports Android 4.0, this is a free upgrade that you should really make sure to take advantage of. Android 4.0 is nice to look at, takes use-friendliness to heart, and is all-around intuitive – just the kinds of things that make Android so popular.