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  • Finally! Instagram for Android
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Roughly 50 million iPhone users currently use Instagram – the photo app that turns regular snapshots into photos that have a vintage feel. Android users have been waiting for Instagram to develop an Android app for some time now. Watching smug iPhone users take great Instagram photos has finally caught up to Instagram developers, and now the company has announced that it will begin developing an Android app.

An Instagram representative told a Mashable reporter that the company hopes to see Instagram user numbers double once the Android app has been released. At the time of this writing, Instagram has also alerted press that two of the company’s developers are working on a unique Android Instagram app. Instagram hasn’t said when the app will be completed, but I’m guessing that this app won’t take too long to develop.

Why So Long?

The number one question on most Android user’s lips this morning is: why has Instagram taken so long to roll out an Android app? Some people believe that Instagram was simply trying to seclude the Android market, but this simply doesn’t make any logical sense. Instead, let me offer up a more feasible answer: Instagram developers have been learning how to develop an Android app for months now. But, wait, isn’t Android the easy platform for developers?
Well, that all depends on the type of developer.

Seemingly, the group of guys (and it’s a small team behind Instagram) that developed the original iOS Instagram app were of the Apple sort. These guys know the Apple platform very well (as evidenced by the awesome Instagram app that iOS users have been enjoying for a long time now), but they may not have known Android until very recently. As you probably know, learning about a new platform simply takes time. This is the reason why (in my opinion), it’s taken Instagram so long to develop an Android app.

Apple Users Up In Arms

Some iOS users aren’t thrilled that Instagram will be available for Android soon. For many Instagram users, this app was reserved for those who have iPhones. In short, if you have an iPhone you could easily mock an Android user who couldn’t use Instagram – now that mocking power has been taken away. Sorry, iPhone fans, Instagram is simply looking to increase its user base. This, of course, makes perfect advertising sense.

Without advertising dollars, companies like Instagram wouldn’t exist. Will you have to pay to use the Instagram app in the future? Only time will tell, but it’s more likely that Instagram will start collecting advertisers as the app gets bigger. If Instagram is truly able to double the number of users who are currently enjoying the iOS app, that would bring the total number of users to 100 million – more than enough to grab advertiser attention. Rejoice, Android users! You will soon be able to use one of the most popular apps of all time -- and I'm sure you'll love it (as much as I do) too!