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  • Instagram Is Getting a Chat System
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It's Friday, so why not share some fun news? You could use something to look forward to before the weekend, right? I thought so! Here's the fun news you've been waiting for: Instagram will soon have a messenger component.

What? That's right, soon you'll be able to send messages to other Instagram users. Whoa! If you're picturing a whole lot of bad pickup lines, let's get to the bottom of this before you start looking for the love of your live on the social site!

How Instagram Messenger Will Work

In true corporate tech mode, Instagram has not addressed the press about this new feature yet. But, we do know that it will pop up during the app's next update. That means that sometime very soon you'll see an Instagram Messenger feature. This makes tons of sense, too, since Instagram's many users are constantly tagging other users in posts and asking questions below posts.

It would make sense that a messenger system were already set up, right? I'm guessing that this will look a lot like the Facebook messenger system, too, but that remains to be seen. Here's what I'd like to see from this new update:

1. Users must be friends with other users before sending a message.

2. Messages should be kept short.

3. This should be a free messenger system.

4. Emojis would be fun.

Basically, I'd like to see Instagram's messenger system turn into something that's better than what Facebook currently offers. Instagram wants to make its users happy, but there are other reasons why a messenger feature makes sense too.

The Ho-Ho-Holidays Are Coming!

What better time of year to roll out a new feature than right before the massive holiday season? Tons of people will be getting smartphones for some holiday or another, and all of those people are bound to flock to the world's most popular photo app.

It wouldn't make sense for Instagram to roll out this feature following the holiday season and new users, so it's best to get those new users hooked on the messenger system right now. Even though Instagram hasn't commented on this story yet, I'm betting that you'll see this new feature appear within the next few weeks.

Other Possibilities

It's also possible that the new Instagram feature would include a more private way of sharing photos. Perhaps you will be able to simply connect with other people in your feed, and you won't have to send out your posts completely publicly. But, then again, who knows. It's possible that this won't happen at all. Either way, chat is coming to Instagram - and I'm eager to see how that plays out.

What do you think? What will this chat system look like? I also wonder how many of you think that this is a really bad idea. It's possible that Instagram is trying to be too many things at once. If that's the case, the new chat feature could be the beginning of the end for the photo site.

Photo From Tsahi Levent-Levi