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  • Magic Hour: Instagram for Android
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The Instagram app has been making iPhone users happy for some time now. Instagram can turn an ordinary picture into something interesting by providing users with a number of photo filters. Instagram execs have been saying for months that they intend to make an app for Android, though this app has not yet surfaced.

In the meantime, a number of other apps for Android have appeared – all of them with the intent to replace Instagram. Thus far, Magic Hour is the one app that comes the closest to comparing with Instagram. Android users now have something to smile and say “cheese!” for.

Magic Hour Filters

What fun would a photo app be if it didn’t come with various photo filters? Magic Hour has no shortage of photo filters to offer Android users. Users can turn a regular photo purple, sepia, add some cool effects with the “Magic Hour” filter, and choose from a number of other filters. The filters that Magic Hour provides are fun and useful, which, in turn, creates unique photographs.

Of course, users can also choose to keep a photo as it originally was. Sometimes, photos are perfect on their own, and this is something that both Instagram and Magic Hour know well. Then again, the perfection of a photo largely depends on the type of camera that a phone has. But, that’s an argument for a different article.

What Else Can Magic Hour Do?

Aside from creating photo magic, Magic Hour allows users to share photos. It is possible to share photos through social networks, with friends, set a photo as wallpaper, or email it to another user. All of these options can be easily found once a user has finished applying a photo filter.

How Is Magic Hour Different?

Instagram allows iPhone users to share filtered photos with other iPhone users. This creates a private Instagram community of sorts. Magic Hour doesn’t provide this type of sharing, but that’s not enough to detract from this great app. Another way that Magic Hour is different from Instagram is that users can create personalized photo filters.

Creating a personalized photo filter with Magic Hour take a bit of time, but this process may be worth it once you figure out how to create a unique filter. The average person may find the whole process somewhat time consuming and exhausting, but photo enthusiasts will love this feature.

Who Can Use Magic Hour

The great thing about photo filter apps is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to use one. You can upload a photo, snap a photo, and filter a photo as you like without knowing a thing about photography. Then again, understanding how photos are put together may help you build a better personalized filter.

In short, anyone can use Magic Hour – as long as you have an Android phone. Just as Instagram is not yet available for Android users, Magic Hour is not yet available for iPhone users. Does that mean that Magic Hour won’t be available for iPhone something in the future? Who knows. For now though, Magic Hour is all about Android.