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  • Your Instagram Photos Will No Longer Appear on Twitter Cards
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Instagram and Twitter haven’t been getting along lately. Really, though, it’s no surprise now that Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram’s (Facebook’s) latest retaliation against Twitter was to block all Instagram photos from appearing on Twitter. Now, if you click on a Twitter photo that was taken with Instagram, the only thing you will see is a lot of blank space. Facebook execs feel that this move was necessary in order to drive Twitter users towards Facebook. But, is this really what will result from a lack of Instagram photos on Twitter?

Who Started It First?

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that Instagram is just retaliating against Twitter’s recent move to block Instagram from the company’s API. But, Instagram execs claim that this is not the case at all. Instead, Instagram reps are stating that removing support for Twitter Cards just makes good business sense. Instagram users will still be able to share photos with Twitter users by clicking on the share button, but the Twitter cards that once appeared on Twitter feeds has simply disappeared.

Instead of using Twitter cards, Instagram wants people to start using the Instagram web interface. Instagram launched the web interface a month or so ago, and the company believes that the web option is far superior to the cards that Twitter was offering. While it’s true that Instagram’s new web option is fun to use, displays photographs beautifully, and is a great alternative to Twitter cards, users are sure to note the spite.

What This Means to You (and What Are Twitter Cards?

Instagram execs recently told press that most users have no idea what Twitter cards even are. For the most part, this statement is true. In case you’re wondering what will disappear from your Twitter feed, Twitter cards are what makes it possible to attach some form of media to a tweet. In the case of Instagram, Twitter cards allowed Instagram users to attach Instagram photos to tweets. In turn, when a tweet was re-tweeted, that card would appear. Now, though, those cards are gone. If you are to send out an Instagram card right now, anyone attempting to click on that media image would see a white space instead of a photo.

Instagram claims that users will always be able to share photos on Twitter directly from the Instagram app. So, what changes for you? Other than the Twitter Cards, nothing will look different this morning when you go to read through your Twitter feed. You can still share photos from the Instagram app, view the photos that other people tweet, and use both Instagram and Twitter as you normally would.

The changes to Twitter Cards are the only changes that Instagram has made thus far. However, there’s some talk that the two companies may begin making changes again the future. For now, though, Twitter and Instagram as you know them stay roughly the same. Will Instagram be wiped from Twitter completely in the near future? It’s hard to say; but it certainly doesn’t look like these two companies are finished feuding – or will be anytime in the near future.