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  • Instagram: Instant Photo Fun
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Snapping photos is a lot of fun. Sharing those photos is even more fun. When combined, the ability to snap a great photo and share that same photo in the flick of a finger is what the Instagram app is all about. Created for iPhone users, Instagram delivers instant fun for any shutterbug.

At the time of this writing, Instagram was only available for the Apple iPhone. However, the popularity of Instagram is growing right alongside the popularity of the Android phone. Based on this information it would not be surprising if Instagram would become available for both Android and iPhone users within the near future.

What it Is

Instagram has been compared to various other photo editing apps. Yet, it is distinctly different from Photoshop or any other photo editing app available. This is mostly due to the fact that Instagram isn’t really a photo editing app. It is, instead, a clever and simplified way to share quick snapshots. But, you might say, there are plenty of ways to share snapshots using the iPhone. Well, Instagram is different. You’ll soon find out why.

Instagram allows users to select from a handful of photo filters. These filters include such options as black and white and certain antique looks. Users can preview how a snapshot would look using a different filter before a filter is chosen. It is also possible to leave a snapshot as it was taken (if you are confident that your shot is as perfect as it can be without any extra filter help).

What it Does

Once filtered and created, users can then share a photo through email, Twitter, Facebook, or with other Instagram users. As with all other iPhone functions, sharing an Instagram photo is simple. By simply selecting the ideal way to share a photo, photos will be posted to the corresponding social media network (or emailed to a user of your choice).

You can also save Instagram photos to send to other people via text at a later point. Instagram photos are added to photo logs, so that they can be accessed at any time. Aside from sheer ease, one of the best things about Instagram is the Instagram community.

The Instagram Community

When you create a photo using Instagram, it is uploaded to your Instagram profile. Once uploaded those people who follow you on Instagram (other Instagram users) can comment on or “like” a photo. This is a great way to see what other people are taking pictures or, and it’s an excellent way to gain feedback on your photographs.

What kinds of photos are people sharing on Instagram? This largely depends on your Instagram community. However, most of these photos are of unusual things or everyday things. A large bowl of very red strawberries or a cityscape, for example, may be things that people share on Instagram. The idea is to share what you see – what’s happening in your world. Essentially, Instagram allows you to travel the world without ever leaving your iPhone.