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  • New Instagram Updates
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Instagram got a new update this morning. If you use the popular social photo site, you may have seen some new changes. Here’s what to expect the next time that you open up your Instagram app.

Subscribe to New Updates

One of the new features allows users to subscribe to follower updates. You could choose who you wanted to follow before this feature was released, but now you can get push notifications whenever someone you are following posts a new photo. This new feature is located in the upper right corner. To add notifications, just click on the “...” menu when viewing someone’s profile, and sign up for notifications. When you do this, every time that person posts something you will get an updated on your phone.

If you follow celebrities or really want to know what your friends are up to at all times, the new notification option will be useful. In some ways, this new feature feels a lot like Facebook (which isn’t a shock, since Facebook owns Instagram). But if you like to get notifications via push updates, this feature could be interesting. Aside from the new follower feature, Instagram has a couple of new filters to play with too.

New Filters Added

What would an Instagram update be without new filters, right? This time around, you’ll find a ‘fade’ feature that softens photos slightly (think of a slightly fuzzy photo from the 1970s). The other filter that you’ll find this morning is the ‘color’ filter. This filter allows you to adjust color in each photograph. With this tool, you can either add to the highlights of a photo or play with the shadow effects.

Both new color tool options (or filters, if you like) make messing around with Instagram photos more fun. Some people that use Instagram are all about untouched photos, but isn’t the point of this app to play around with pictures like you’ve never done before? If you do like to tinker with your Instagram photos, the new filters and color options are fun to mess with. Currently, not all Instagram users will get the updates, though.

How to Start Using the Updates

Instagram has rolled out the new updates to Android users first (if you have an Android phone, you should be able to see those updates now). Instagram will be rolling out the same updates to iOS users later this week, so you should have those by Friday if you have an iPhone.

Whether or not the new updates will work for you depends on what you want to get out of Instagram. I can see where push notifications of updates might get annoying if you follow someone that posts a lot of selfies.

But if you want to keep tabs on someone, those notifications could come in handy. Instagram (Facebook) will continue to update its app until it contains most of what people want, which could be never. Look for these new updates this week unless you have an Android phone, and then you already have the updates.