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  • Instagram Web Profiles: Now Here
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Do you use Instagram? If so, you now have an Instagram web profile. Your current Instagram profile and all your photos will now be displayed on the Internet for all to see. Well, not exactly, but that’s the idea behind Instagram’s new web profile setup. According to an Instagram statement sent out today, users have been asking for web profile pages for some time now. So, Instagram has finally obliged.

Instagram’s new web-based profile pages are fun to use. These pages are also a great way for you to show others your Instagram pics – you know, for those who don’t have access to Instagram. Right now, the only real way to visit an Instagram profile page is to type: www.instagram/yournamehere into your web browser. If you don’t see your profile, just wait a few days. Instagram is in the process of uploading all current user information to the web.

Using Your New Instagram Profile Page

Each Instagram profile page contains a user’s name and a grid of Instagram photos. Scrolling over a photo will revel the number of likes a photo received, in addition to any comments left. If you click on a photo, you will see a larger version of that picture. Photos included in each profile will be arranged by date. It will also be possible for non-Instagram users to follow an Instagram user – and here’s why web-based profiles really matter.

Say, for example, that you have a friend who doesn’t currently have Instagram. Well, that friend can now follow you via the web instead. Or, if you own a store and want to show Windows and BlackBerry users your amazing stock photos, you can direct them to your Instagram web page. Will you be able to upload photos to your Instagram page? This option is highly unlikely, but it might be something worth thinking about.

So, every awesome photo that you take can still be seen by all of your friends and colleagues, even if they don’t have access to Instagram. Naturally, this brings up the question of privacy. If your current Instagram profile is private, will the general public be able to see what you post?

Privacy Concerns

If your current Instagram profile is private, you have nothing to fear. Some random cyber stalker won’t be able to see what you post. But, it never hurts to double-check. When your profile does arrive, make sure to visit those profile settings. Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook (and Facebook is notorious when it comes to privacy concerns), it never hurts to make sure that your profile remains private.

It’s also worth noting that the web version of Instagram may soon include a news feed. Instagram execs have told press that a news feed is an option that’s being considered. So, you may be able to follow your favorite Instagram people via a nice and clean news feed sooner rather than later. Of course, now that Instagram and Facebook are one, you can also expect to see some form of advertising popping up on your Instagram web profile. After all, Facebook needs to gain a return on that $1 billion dollar investment.