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  • New On the Instagram Front: Badges
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I’m always shocked when someone who doesn’t have or use Instagram comments on the amazing filters provided by this program. I just assume that everyone uses Instagram. But, I’m wrong. A lot of people don’t use Instagram. Some just don’t understand the application’s purpose.

Others don’t have access to an Instagram app. Unless you use iOS or Android, you can’t use Instagram. This is a sad, sad, thing. At least now, though, you can share your Instagram photos with the world at large. Thanks to Instagram’s new web profiles, anyone can see your amazing shots.

Instagram has just added something else to the mix too. Instagram badges are here! After many requests from users, it is now possible to imbed an Instagram badge on your website. Clicking on your new Instagram badge will lead people to that beautiful Instagram web profile. If you own a business, you really can’t afford not to check out what Instagram badges are all about.

Branding Done Right

There are few better ways to gain consumer interest than with photos. Snapping photographs of your goods and placing those photos on a site like Pinterest is a start. Adding photos of your goods to your Instagram feed, and then adding a badge to your site that leads people to that feed is even better. Instagram’s new badges will work exceptionally well for clothing retailers, but it doesn’t stop there. Own a bakery? Why not let the world see what kinds of goodies you create. Have a blog that includes recipes or ideas? Snap some photos of your creations and let everyone see what you can do.

It is possible to set up an Instagram account that’s strictly for business too. This ways, your personal account and your business account won’t collide, but you’ll still be able to show people what you can do. So, how do you go about adding an Instagram badge to your site? First, you will have to visit the Instagram bad site. Then, you will have to select the badge that you wan to use – as usual, Instagram has tastefully designed these badges, so there’s no shame in sharing.

Instagram Badges: A Lesson in Minimalism

The badges that Instagram has created are simple. Each badge includes an image of a blue camera set against a blue-grey background. There’s also one additional badge the includes a camera and the words “View On Instagram.” These badges won’t stick out on your website like something tacky and disruptive. Instead, Instagram badges will draw the right amount of attention.

Once you choose a badge, you will be asked to copy the code that appears below the badge. Then, simply copy the code, paste it on your blog or on your website, and the badge will appear. If you aren’t sure how to do this, just contact your website designer. Really, though, the process is quite simple. If you don’t like the badges that Instagram has created for you, the company also allows users to create their own Instagram badge. You will see a button to “Create Your Own Badge” on the Instagram badge website.

From there, you can open up the camera icon in your photo or paint program, play around with colors, and create your own badge. But, why go to all this trouble when Instagram’s pre-made badges are so great? In any case, Instagram gives users the freedom to do as they choose – and that’s user-friendliness on a whole new level.