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  • Instagram's New Layout App is Ideal for Crafters
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Instagram has created a new layout app that will become your new favorite tool if you like to make collages and do other crafty things. The newest addition to Instagram is called ‘Layout,’ and it includes three unique tabs to make finding your photos super fast.

The New Tabs

The tabs created include All, Recent, and Faces. The Faces tab lets you organize and group photos according to the people that are in the pictures. This tool detects whether or not people or a person is in a photograph, and then sorts the photos accordingly. If a picture does not have a person in it, that photo will not wind up in the Faces category. If you add a Faces photo to a collage, the app adjusts the image to make the face the center of the photo, which is a nice tool to have if you want to keep the image at the center of the picture.

You can choose the images that you want to add to a virtual collage, and the app will automatically sort the images for you. You can even take quick selfies, up to four, with the Photobooth feature, and add those to a collage if that’s what you want to do. This app also comes with flip and mirror tools that will let you play with the location of photographs in the collage that you are making.

Sharing Your Collage

What would an app be if you couldn’t instantly share the images that you create? If you choose to share your collage through Instagram, you can add the usual filters to the image. You can also share the collage to Facebook, and to some other social networks. Why would you want to create or share a collage? One example is if you go on vacation or celebrate someone’s birthday. You can quickly gather up those images and place them all in a neat collage to share with the world.

Basically, the new Instagram app will make it simple to put together your photos in a crafty way and share what you want everyone else to see. The idea of a collage app is not a new one, but it is new territory for Instagram. App developers have been looking for a way to expand Instagram for some time, and a collage app might just be what is needed to gain more users. Instagram is still going strong years after its launch, but the company needs to keep innovating in order to make sure that people remain interested in the app. So far, the new collage app is what developers have come up with.

Where to Get It

So far, the new Instagram app is only available through the Apple store. There is word that an Android version will be available soon, but you can only use this app if you have an iPhone for now. If you do have an iPhone, the app is free to use, and that includes creating collages and sharing via social networks. While this new app might not be for everyone, it is an app that will appease creative Instagram users.

It’s not uncommon to spend a long time searching for photos, and this can now be done in an easier way by using Instagram’s new app. What do you think of creating collages through this app? Is this something that you will use or not?