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  • Intel's New 'Bay Trail' Tablet Processor
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Yesterday, Intel let the press in on its new tablet processor details (finally). The new processor, called the 'Bay Trail', will provide a power boost to Windows 8 tablets. The new processor will arrive sometime next year. This is news that you'll want to hear. What's all the hype about?

Essentially, the Bay Trail processors will have double the power of current tablet processors (and that's a great thing). Further, Bay Trail processors will not decrease battery life. Intel claims that these processors will have all-day battery life, be as thin as 0.3-inches, and still be more powerful than anything that's on the market at the moment.

That's a lot to claim, but how much of it is true? When will it all come to fruition? Also, what's going on with Windows 8.1? When will 8.1 arrive? Take a look at what's known so far.

A Long Time Coming

The Bay Trail processor will be the first Atom micro architecture redesign since 2008 -- that's nearly five years. So, it's no wonder that this is big news. What does all of this mean to consumers? It means that you can anticipate new tablets from manufacturers such as Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and others. It also means that companies will be updating existing tablets.

Some tablets that are prime candidates for updates include HP's popular Envy tablet and Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet 2. Both to these tablets have a decent consumer following, and a new update will only improve company sales (while also appeasing eager consumers). It will be a win-win for both manufactures and consumers looking for the same great tablet with faster speeds (a combo that's hard to beat).

Usual Problems Aside

Typically, the problem with a faster processor is a shortened battery life, but this is not the case (according to Intel) this time around. Instead, battery life will actually be increased. As noted, tablets will also remain their slim physique. It will also be interesting to see the new tablets that come from existing tablet companies.

Whether or not Intel's new processor will live up to all of this hype has yet to be seen. Intel claims that work is underway and the processors are performing well. So, you can expect everything to be on schedule regarding the new 'Bay Trail' project. What else is happening in the world of Windows tablets?

Windows 8.1 Release

Rumours of a Windows 8.1 release have been surfacing lately. Some claim that 8.1 will arrive this coming June, while others believe that 8.1 will be delayed. What's the truth? The BUILD 2013 conference will be happening in June, and that's when all the dirty details will be revealed, it seems.

For now, Windows has updated the current Windows 8 platform to appease consumers for the time being. Lots of news happening in the Windows sphere today, it seems. This coming year, you can look forward to faster Windows tablet, possibly Windows 8.1, and new updates from Intel. Are you looking forward to any of these potential happenings? How do you feel about the new Intel updates?