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  • The New Intel Ultrabook Laptop
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Intel doesn’t often create or launch anything other than chips. These chips are then sent out to a variety of manufacturers and placed in many different computers. So, when Intel decides to create a new laptop, the tech world sits up and pays attention. Intel recently announced that the Ultrabook would be hitting store shelves this September.

Attempting to bridge the gap between tablets and laptops, the Ultrabook seems to include the best of both worlds. In fact, some are already comparing the Ultrabook to the MacBook Air only Intel may offer its Ultrabook at a much lower price. With the recent resignation of Steve Jobs, many wonder if Intel’s Ultrabook will gain wide consumer interest as a true and right competitor to the MacBook Air.

As Light As Air

Intel claims that the Ultrabook will be less than one-inch thick. This laptop is also supposed to come with a battery that can last all day long – already a step up from other laptop batteries that barely make it three hours. Aside from a sleek design (Intel has released photos and advertisements) and long battery life, the Ultrabook does something that few laptops have done before.

Just like a tablet, when a user opens up an Ultrabook this laptop will start right away. No more waiting for your laptop to boot. Close the Ultrabook and this laptop will shut down. This is such a simple and intelligent concept, but it’s one that few companies have managed to execute before. With all of these excellent features in place, some still wonder whether or not Intel will have a true market for the Ultrabook.

Are Laptops Out?

There’s so much tablet news available these days that it’s almost sickening. One tablet company sues another frequently, and tablets seem to be everywhere. While novelty and somewhat convenient, tablets may or may not be here to stay. Laptop sales have been on the decline lately, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that laptops have had their heyday.
Instead, laptop manufacturers simply have to become cleverer. Laptop manufactures have to become, well, more like Intel.

Intel wants the Ultrabook to become the perfect combination of a laptop and tablet. So far, it seems as though Intel will succeed with this endeavor. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the Ultrabook hits store shelves to know for sure, but it certainly looks as though Intel is onto a good thing with the Ultrabook.

The Ultrabook Lineup

Intel has stated that the company plans to release a series of Ultrabooks. The first Ultrabooks will include i5 and i7 processors. Intel will then focus on creating Ultrabooks that have longer battery lives and other features. Obviously, the more features that Intel includes in an Ultrabook, the more expensive an Ultrabook will become. Right now, the company plans to release the first Ultrabook for less than $1000.

This is a good price-point, considering the other laptops in its class (right now, the MacBook Air sells for around $900). Intel also has the market edge on businesspeople who rely on Windows programs – something that Apple can’t compete with. There’s no doubt that Intel is picking a great time to launch the Ultrabook and that this laptop is one to watch.