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Software for every purpose really does exist. Software can be practical, but it can also be based completely on fun and entertainment. Entertainment software might not be able to calculate your taxes or schedule important meetings, but these programs can make life more interesting. Thanks to an array of unique developers, many different types of entertainment software exist.

Create a virtual pet, find out what your future has in store, or turn your computer into a virtual disco. The sky is really the limit when it comes to great entertainment software. Most of this software can be downloaded for free, though some complex programs may come with a slight fee.

Breakdance Machine – Free
True to its name, Breakdance Machine will teach you how to breakdance. Read detailed instructions and follow along with animations in order to learn the latest moves. Slow down various moves in order to test them out inside of your home, and speed up animations when you’re ready to learn more. Is Breakdance Machine necessary? Not at all; but this program certainly is a lot of fun!

Liquid Dream – Free
Dreams are mysterious, but your dreams can become a lot more real with Liquid Dream. This program actually tracks your dreams while you sleep. Chart your dreams, what you dream about, and how long your sleep cycles last. Liquid Dream also comes with detailed instructions, so you can track and trace your dreams simply.

Snitch -- $30+
For the paranoid at heart, Snitch is the perfect program. Snitch will scan any system for inappropriate photographs (or those that show too much skin). In addition, this program will hunt down any obscene words that are buried inside of a system. If someone in your house hasn’t been using a computer appropriately, you’ll quickly find offensive photos and words with Snitch.

Crystal Ball – Free
Reminiscent of a Magic Eight ball, Crystal Ball features a virtual, well, crystal ball. You can ask this ball all kinds of questions, and await clever and funny responses. Place Crystal Ball on your desktop for a bit of distracting fun. Not essential by any stretch of the imagination, but imaginative and entertaining all the same.

Strobe Light – Free
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have a strobe light inside of your home? Well, now you can have a strobe light without actually purchasing one. Strobe Light is a program developed by SLSoft that creates a strobe light effect on your desktop. Simply download this program, and watch as your computer turns into a mini disco. Strobe Light can be a lot of fun when used in a dark room.

BooMonsters – Free
If you don’t have a real pet, you can always download BooMonsters. This program will place a virtual pet on your desktop. Name your pet, take care of it, and learn how to become a loving master with BooMonsters -- a fun way to pass the time.