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  • Internet Explorer 10 For Win 7 Is Out
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Windows 8 users have been using IE 10 for a few weeks now, but Microsoft has just released IE 10 for Windows 7 users. Included in the IE 10 upgrade are a few things worthy of note. But, when all is said and done, IE 10 isn’t that much of a stretch from IE 9.

Microsoft mainly built Internet Explorer 10 to go along with Windows 8. Creating an Explorer for Windows 7 seems to have been little more than a formality, since IE 10 was really made for Windows 8. If you are using Windows 7 and don’t have a touchscreen, here’s what you’ll find with the new Internet Explorer 10.

Most Notable: Flip Ahead

Microsoft has built something called “Flip Ahead” into Internet Explorer 10. This feature was developed to detect the next logical page that a user might “flip” to. For example, if you were reading a document online and were on page one, the Flip Ahead feature would automatically assume that you want to move to page two.

This feature will be especially useful when that “next” button can’t be found. Instead of searching for the next button, users can simply click the “forward” button and move onto the next page.

Microsoft Security Features: Beefed Up

Security is important these days. With everything from Dropbox to Twitter coming under attack, Microsoft has gone to extra lengths to make sure that Internet Explorer 10 is super secure. One way that Microsoft has beefed up security is by adding an automatic “Do Not Track” feature into Internet Explorer 10.

This feature will prevent websites from tracking users (some sites track user behavior in order to help target ads). Even though Internet Explorer asks a site not to track users, it’s worth pointing out that sites don’t have to comply with this request.

The new IE 10 also comes with an Enhanced Protection Mode. This mode prevents the browser from accessing a user’s Documents folder. Users can still access Documents if conducting a search for a document, but hackers can’t access a user’s Documents file if a browser is hacked. This security method is quite useful. Security isn’t the main area that Microsoft has focused on, though. The new IE 10 is largely about support and features too.

Support For More Features Included

Support for CSS animations, HTML5 spell-checking, certain 3D transitions, and enhanced JavaScript performance are all baked into this version of Internet Explorer. When you first look at Internet Explorer 10, you’ll note that this version is really similar to Internet Explorer 9.

The changes listed in this article are subtle, and the overall interface doesn’t veer too much from the previous version. Still, Microsoft has made IE 10 faster, more secure, and a better match for today’s users.

Even if you don’t currently own a touchscreen, you can still access those multi-touch features with a trackpad. Rest assured, though, you can also use a standard mouse and keyboard to get the job done. Internet Explorer 10 is currently available from the Microsoft website.