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  • Internet Marketing Software: A Wise Investment?
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While not the hardest skill to master, learning about Internet marketing does take time. There are lots of books, journals, and blogs that can help you learn the Internet marketing ropes. Once your brain has been crammed with marketing knowledge, you can put all of those new skills to the test. The only problem is that Internet marketing takes time – a lot of time.

Updating Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and various other accounts throughout the day is time intense. This is why thousands of people and companies choose to use Internet marketing software. These programs can spit out updates and post articles to networking sites in seconds. The only problem is that this type of software defeats the true purpose of internet marketing.

Why Internet Marketing Works

Using social networks to connect with your target market is a brilliant idea. Social networks have a way of unmasking and exposing people and companies for what, and who, they really are. As a business owner you can collect valuable data through social networking sites. As a simple contributor, you can find out what makes people tick.

But, you can only uncover this information if you spend time getting to know the people in your network. As people begin to see that you are a human, with human thoughts, they will also begin to trust you. As a result, your product or service becomes familiar and trustworthy. This is why Internet marketing works so well.

Why Internet Marketing Software May Not Work

If you let your marketing software send out updates for you, there’s no human interaction. Instead, you’ll be posting links and bits of information that doesn’t have include any human commentary. The result of these drone-like posts is a complete loss of curiosity from people in your networks.

Then again, internet marketing software does have its place. This software can free up a lot of your time by sending out updates and creating posts for you. The important thing to remember is to choose the right kind of software. Don’t opt for a cheap program simply based upon price. Look for programs that come loaded with humanistic features (personalized messages, clips…).

Write For Humans

So many websites and social networking pages are filled with robotic links, articles, and information. Make an effort to write and post for the humans who are reading your blog, page, or other site. Even if you use social networking software to handle some of your duties, make every effort to add a human comment or question.

Your clients won’t respond to Internet marketing programs that spew out useless and strange information. What your clients will respond to is a mix of a good marketing program and your own voice.