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  • What the New iOS 8 Might Look Like
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iOS 8 is rumored to be on the way. Images of the apps that will come with the update have also surfaced. Most of the apps that you would expect to be present are (FaceTime, Voice Memos), but some of the apps are brand new. Here’s a look inside what you’ll find with the new iOS 8.

The Healthbook App

Apple has met with the FDA according to various sources. Why? To create the Apple Healthbook app. This app will track health metrics, so that users can keep tabs on health problems regularly. Apple seems to be moving in the health direction (along with other companies like Nintendo). This could be because the health gadget and app market is so huge. It could also be because iOS users simply want a way to keep track of health, and what better way than to build it into iOS8?

There’s also a rumor that Apple is working on creating a few wearable health gadgets, and the new iOS 8 app would work with those gadgets. In short, it looks like Apple is banking on the health crowd with its new app and gadget lineup. What else will Apple include in iOS 8?

Apple Maps

Apple is still hanging onto its Maps app. This time around, Apple will focus more on the public transportation aspect of Maps. Possibly, the company will be able to perfect the Maps app, so that map users will really start to use Apple Maps in place of Google Maps. Apple has also included some apps in the new iOS 8 that have been part of OS X for quite some time now.

Preview and TextEdit

Both Preview and TextEdit have been OS X apps for a long time. But, if the rumors are right, this is the first time that Apple will bring the apps mobile. Preview allows users to view images quickly and make quick edits. TextEdit does what you might imagine, it lets users edit text quickly. It will be interesting to see how Apple turns these OS X apps into mobile apps, but it looks like development is already underway.

The Actual Layout

As for the layout and look of the new iOS 8 apps, that part is hard to solidify. Some blogs are showing pictures of the new setup, but that’s just heresay for the time being. It doesn’t look like Apple will be creating anything groundbreaking for iOS 8, but the addition of Healthbook is unique.

Apple’s goal is to make sure that iOS users have all the apps needed through Apple, so that third party companies are necessary. It’s a lofty goal, but one that Apple keeps on trying to reach (Maps is a good example of this).

There’s no word yet as to when iOS 8 will be released, but you can almost bet on a timeline that includes just a few weeks. Rumor has it that the new iOS 8 will surface in just under four weeks. Are you interested?