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  • iOS WiFi Not Working? Here's How To Fix It
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iOS 8 is filled with bugs and quirks, but you don’t have to throw your phone out the window. Most of these issues can be resolved relatively simply. The biggest complaint made by people using iOS 8 has to do with WiFi. Some phones can’t hang onto a WiFi signal, and some phones can’t connect at all. If you’re having some WiFi issues with iOS 8, here are some ways to fix the problem.

The Simplest Solution

The easiest WiFi fix is to update to the latest iOS version. Apple has made a ton of adjustments since iOS 8 came out, and updating will save you a lot of aggravation. If you do have the latest version, but still can’t connect to WiFi or are having other WiFi problems, you can do some additional troubleshooting.

Reset Network Settings

Resetting the original network settings will wipe everything from your iPhone, so make sure that you have backed things up before you go this route. To do this, go to the Settings app, and then find General followed by Reset. Tap the Reset button to complete reset your phone. For most people, a reset works pretty well, since it brings the phone back to the original factory settings.

Stop WiFi Networking

A lot of people that have trouble with WiFi have successfully fixed this issue by disabling the WiFi networking option. This doesn’t disable WiFi completely, but it does disable any WiFi location networking that you’re currently doing. To disable the WiFi networking function, go to the Settings app, then to Privacy, then to Location Services, and finally to System Services. From there, turn off WiFi networking.

The Last Resort

If you really can’t connect to WiFi still, after you’ve tried all of these things and everything else, it might be time to restore your phone. Restoring your phone will wipe your phone of everything that’s on it right now, so once again make sure to back it all up. When you restore your device, you can set up a completely new device, so your WiFi should start working once again.

The Easiest Fix

Making sure that your phone is updated truly is the fastest and simplest fix. Plus, you don’t have to reset your phone or restore your phone in order to fix a WiFi issue. Most of the time, an update will get rid of any problems that you have, but if that doesn’t work you can try one of the fixes listed here. If your phone still doesn’t work no matter what you do, bring it back to the Apple Store. Sometimes, devices do not function as they should - it happens, and it’s possible that your phone just isn’t any good.

Safe to Reset

If you’re concerned about losing contacts and photos when resetting your phone or updating to a new version of iOS, just make sure that everything you have on your phone is sent to the cloud (simple enough to do with the iPhone). Once that’s done, you can update and reset without fear.