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  • Before You Upgrade to iOS 6.1
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An upgrade is supposed to be a good thing. But, more often than not, these days that’s not always the case. In the UK, Vodafone is warning their iPhone 4S customers not to upgrade to the new iOS 6.1. The upgrade comes with a host of problems that will make using an iPhone 4S nearly impossible.

These problems will also impact anyone living in any other country that owns an iPhone 4S. If your phone is telling you that you should upgrade, take a look at this problem list before you make the switch.

iOS 6.1 Bugs

Reportedly, upgrading to iOS 6.1 will prevent iPhone 4S users from sending text messages and connecting to the Internet. So, basically, doing anything that one would commonly use an iPhone for. These bugs do not impact iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 users. Apple is aware of these problems and working on fixes for the glitches, but nothing has been fixed yet. This is precisely why Vodafone is telling their iPhone 4S clients to hold off on that upgrade. The carrier does not want a flood of iPhone 4S problem calls.

If you have an iPhone 5, however, the new iOS 6.1 will make Siri smoother while also providing a better experience. It seems that Apple is focusing on iPhone 5 users with recent upgrades while forgetting about the rest of the iPhone world. Sure, Apple will make necessary changes to appease the rest of us, but the company should make sure that these glitches are worked out prior to releasing an upgrade. Otherwise, upgrades should be reserved for certain devices only. Still, Apple is sure to make good on its word to fix the glitches. In the meantime, don’t upgrade to the iOS 6.1 if you have an iPhone 4S.

iPod Touch Reported Problems

Some users are reporting this morning that upgrading to iOS 6.1 when using an iPod Touch will cause some glitches as well. Problems of this sort include apps closing unexpectedly, Safari not responding well, and other issues. Perhaps it is best to wait to upgrade if you have an iPod Touch too. Lastly, there’s one more iOS 6.1 glitch to report today.

Some iPhone users are complaining about speaker problems after an upgrade. Seemingly, iPhone speakers stop working once the upgrade has been completed. If you are facing this problem, restarting your phone won’t work this time around. What will work is connecting your phone to your computer, selecting “restore iPhone” from iTunes, and then restoring all factory settings. Otherwise, your phone’s speaker system may be crippled until Apple comes up with a fix.

There’s no word from Apple this morning on bug fixes, but we can assume that the company knows about the current problems. If you happen to find another issues with iOS 6.1, do make sure and let Apple know by sending a quick note or calling an Apple store near you. Most of the time, the company is aware about all issues, but sometimes smaller issues go unnoticed. For the time being, skip the iOS 6.1 upgrade!