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  • iOS 7 and Gaming

Since 2008, Apple has not opened up iOS to game controllers. That's all about to change. With the recent announcement of iOS 7, Apple has stated that this iOS will be open to game controllers. That's big news. Apple is adding controller support hardware for MFi game controllers.

Apple has also managed to get rid of one of the biggest obstacles for game developers: the requirement to write software that targets one type of hardware specifically. Now, with the new iOS 7, developers can write software once, and that software will work across the board (as long as it complies with Apple's standards).

Those Apple Guidelines

Yesterday, Apple posted some game controller guidelines on the company's main developer site. These guidelines are still vague, but it is known that any game developed for use with a controller must also be able to play perfectly without that controller. So, you can't create a game for iOS that requires a controller. All games have to work both ways, or just with an iOS device.

Apple hasn't released any other specific yet, but the fact that Apple is even considering controller games is huge. For years, developers have been waiting for this allowance from Apple, and this is the first time that the company has stepped into the game controller space. What can you expect if you aren't a game developer? A ton of new iOS games that take advantage of both iOS devices and separate controllers - excellence.

A Completely Open Gaming Space

There are some empty areas in the current gaming space that Apple is, seemingly, looking to fill. If you add up the price of the current Apple TV with the 16GB iPod Touch, you have a combined total of just around $320. This is far lower than what Sony and Microsoft are offering, and Apple is poised to take over the handheld space.

Let's not forget, too, that Apple TV allows for mirroring, and this might be one way that Apple will climb ahead of competitors. Gaming developers simply need to consider Apple TV mirroring when creating games for Apple. Apple TV combined with gaming controller support can easily add up to a console-type experience that many developers will want to get behind.

A Brave New Apple World

Whether you love or hate Apple, the company is really starting to pay more attention to gaming. Rightfully so, too, since there's a large market to be had. Hopefully, the guidelines that Apple puts forth are not too stringent for gaming developers. If the company offers up a way for developers to make simple games with controller options, Apple may just be able to take over the bigger gaming players.

As Apple announces gaming guidelines, I will keep you posted on the details. For now, it's best to watch the Apple gaming development site for updates and details as they roll out. Didn't get a chance to see what iOS 7 is all about? Make sure to check out the article detailing the new iOS on our site {{http://apple-ios-7.reviews.r-tt.com/|here}}.