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  • An Indestructible NAS? Take A Look!
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The recent CES conference brought a ton of new products to the limelight. One of those devices was the IoSafe N2 NAS. This is the first NAS to provide users with hard drive failure protection and complete safety from hard drive disasters. The drive is solid, fast, and has an overall great design. There are a few additional features worthy of note as well. Take a look below.

Internal Drive Replacement

This is the first NAS device from IoSafe that allows users to replace internal drives. In addition, this device also offers users RAIDS that provide that complete hard drive disaster protection mentioned above. If you’re looking for a vault-like NAS device, this is it. To protect drives from fire, a vault-type door exists (seriously heavy metal!). Beneath that door is another door that’s waterproof. Inside of that compartment sits the nicely protected drive. In short, you’d have to drop this NAS device into the ocean in order to ruin it.

So, not only can you open up all the vaults and replace an internal drive using this NAS, but you can also bet that the inside of your NAS device will be entirely protected from almost anything that you can throw at it. Nicely done, IoSafe, nicely done! IoSafe has also added some great features and ports including a two USB 3.0 ports, and a one gigabit Ethernet port on the back of the device and a SD card slot; USB 2.0 port; and Quick Backup button on the front of the device. The Quick Backup button makes it possible to quickly backup a portable storage device.

This NAS device also comes with indicator lights that provide an easy way to see things like connection status, power, and the status of the internal hard drive. This device does come with many features that are innovative and enviable in addition to lots of clever ways to protect internal drives, but it’s not small or portable by any means.

A Sizeable NAS Device

You can’t really expect a device that’s so impenetrable and so very vault-like to come in a small package. The IoSafe NAS device is rather on the large side. Weighing in at 30-pounds, this isn’t a device that you would easily take on a road trip or carry around a home or office. As far as height and width go, this NAS measures 5.9x9.06 x 11.5 inches. Like I said, this isn’t a device that’s at all portable, but that kind of what you want in a NAS device of this magnitude. After all, IoSafe didn’t design this fortress to be transported from place to place, and it does work perfectly as a solid and secure NAS option.

If you’re in the market for a NAS device and you want something that comes with loads of features, includes internal drive replacement options, and is really hard to destroy, this is a great device to purchase. Speaking of purchase, the IoSafe NAS device retails for $599 (base). Just to give you one last idea of how secure this thing is, IoSafe compares the N2 NAS device to an aircraft’s black box.