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  • iPad 3 Release Date Pushed
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If there’s one thing that Apple is great at, it’s generating rumors. Sometimes, those rumors are founded on actual facts straight from the Apple mouth. This is the case with the recent news that the release of the much anticipated iPad 3 has been pushed back to 2012. What Apple hasn’t stated is why this date has been moved. But, in true Apple pandemonium fashion, there are plenty of rumors circulating.

One rumor is that Apple hasn’t perfect the long-awaited retina display. Some bloggers and commentators seem annoyed that Apple will delay the iPad 3 based upon retina display problems. Yet, Apple hardly every releases a product that isn’t perfect. Rather than become frustrated with Apple’s new release date, tech enthusiasts all around the world should rejoice in the fact that Apple won’t release anything until that thing is perfect.

Why Apple is So Picky

People who buy Apple products have come to trust the brand. When purchasing an expensive Apple product, it’s good to know that the product you are buying will work. No matter what, every time, Apple products work. Sure, some products may have a few glitches, but Apple quickly fixes those problems.

Unlike other manufacturers, Apple isn’t in a rush to keep up with the competition. This is likely due to the fact that Apple is the competition. Instead of rushing through production in order to place a device on shelves, Apple only wants to get it right. Thus, this company takes time developing products that work, are reliable, and worth all of those hard-earned pennies.

But, that doesn’t stop the general population from throwing angry words in Apple’s direction when the company delays a release date. So, what is retina display development anyway, and why is it so important?

Retina Display

Essentially, the new retina display that the iPad 3 will have will double the iPad’s current resolution. This means that images will be crisper, brighter, and better all-around. There’s some speculation that Apple has already perfected the new retina display, but there’s simply a shortage of screens. This is possible and highly plausible.

It has also been pointed out that the new screen Apple wants to give the iPad 3 requires a strong backlight source. This requirement may make it tough for Apple to keep the iPad 3 as thin and light as it is rumored to be. Again, all of these things are simply rumors. In fact, the device itself is something of a rumor.

Delay or Original Release?

It’s hard to say whether or not the iPad 3 date change is really a delay. After all, Apple has not mentioned an actual release date. Generally, this is the way that things go when consumers suspect Apple of making a new device. Ideas and images of the device pop into heads and blogs, release dates are conjured up, and the world waits for Apple to make that big announcement.

Yet, none of these things are actually real. Nobody knows what the iPhone 5 will include, what it looks like, or when it will be released. The same is true for the iPad 3. The release date is not clear, and Apple won’t make the mistake of letting the masses know when this product will hit shelves. If you are waiting for the new iPad, you’ll just have to wait patiently.