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  • On the Horizon: A Smaller iPad?
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When it comes to Apple devices, rumors always fly. This is especially true when word gets out that Apple might, just might, be releasing a new product. Now, avid iPad fans have been waiting for the iPad 3 for some time now. So, when word leaked a few weeks ago that Apple was, indeed, working on the third generation iPad, fans and tech blogs across the Internet exploded.

What will the new iPad look like? What will it sound like? What will it be running? Will it include any new features as interesting as Siri? All of these questions were answered time and again, and, yet, another question remained: will the new iPad be smaller than the existing one? This question came after someone, somewhere, reported that Apple is currently working on an iPad 3 that comes with a much smaller screen. How much smaller? Well, here’s what the rumor has been spitting out so far.

Size, Size, Size

A lot of fairly reliable sources have stated that the new iPad will be much smaller in size than the current iPad 2. Just how much smaller with the iPad be? Some people are guessing around 8-inches while others are pegging the new model at 7-inches. Why would Apple create an iPad with a smaller screen? Presumably, the images that will appear on the new iPad will be much crisper than what can be seen on the old version. Also, consumers these days tend to like their devices on the small side.

It also makes sense that Apple would create a smaller iPad, since current iPad users often request a more portable version of the device. After all, the current iPad is somewhat bulky (not that I’m complaining, just saying). So, you might want to look for an iPad 3 that is on the smaller side. So, what else will the latest iPad have to offer? Well, how about 4G connectivity?


While carriers might not be happy that the new iPad will come with 4G connectivity, consumers are certainly ready for this to happen. Of course, an iPad that comes with 4G connectivity will also be an iPad that doesn’t have a very good battery life (presumably…unless, of course, Apple perfects the iPad battery, which could possibly happen). Based on these two rumors, the new iPad will be smaller, faster, and might even be prettier (though no design details have surfaced quite yet).

When can you expect to see the first new iPad? Well, sources say that Apple will unveil this newer, smaller, and faster version sometime in May. That’s right, you’ll have to wait three whole months to get your hands on the new iPad (and you may have to stand in some crazy Apple line too), but I’m guessing that the new Apple device will be worth the wait.

What do you think about the new iPad rumors? Are you putting any stock in these snippets or are you saving up to purchase the new iPad when it does arrive (no pricing details yet, sorry!)? Stay tuned for more news about the device that may or may not be created yet: the Apple iPad 3.