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  • This iPad Case Comes With Speakers
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Love your iPad but hate the included speakers? Well, you’re not alone. According to Mashable, a developer and entrepreneur named Petur Olafsson was tired of his included iPad sound too. So, Olafsson worked on a new iPad case that has built-in speakers. After many trials, Olafsson came up with an iPad case that amplifies current iPad sound 300% -- that’s a lot of amplification! Reportedly, Olafsson was tired of low sound when making presentations and attempting to do other things like listen to movies or music.

If you hate the way that your iPad sounds, you might want to wait around for Olafsson’s invention to come to fruition. Right now, the Hong Kong-based developer is waiting to send his iPad case to market, and this is one case that you will be proud to own. Further, the new iPad case with built-in speakers serves a direct purpose, which is more than can be said for most shiny iPad cases on the current market.

Gaining Funding

Olafsson has taken his venture to Kickstarter, which is a platform that helps startups raise money for various ideas. If you like the way that this new iPad case sounds (called “Sound Cover”), you can head to the Kickstarter site to pre-order the case. Of course, that means waiting around until the necessary funds have been generated to bring Olafsson’s idea to life, but this shouldn’t be too long. After all, there is a definite market for an iPad case that comes packed with sound.

Olafsson has told press that there will be two version of the Sound Cover. The first one will come with wires and be priced around $129. The second wireless option will be priced at $155. Now, 100 plus might seem like a lot to pay for an iPad cover, but consider the cost of purchasing portable speakers for your iPad (likely, more than $100). In addition, think about how difficult it would be to travel with those portable speakers. Sure, portable speakers pack a lot of sound (well, some can, at least), but lugging around a set of speakers isn’t exactly what Apple had in mind when creating a portable devices.

The Sound Cover also happens to be good-looking, which is quite important considering how much you have paid for the iPad. If you pre-order the Sound Cover, you can purchase this iPad case in red, blue, or black. At the time of this writing, Kickstarter reports that Olafsson has 27 backers and has raised a total of $5591. Olafsson needs to raise a total of $25,000 in order to put Sound Covers in stores. If you happen to be an investor and you believe in this product, make sure to visit the Kickstarter website to help Olafsson out.

There’s no doubt that a market exists for this product, and Sound Cover looks like it will be a great iPad option if the project ever hits the price mark (34 days left for Olafsson to raise funds!). Incidentally, Kickstarter has tons of great gadgets on its website. You can back any of these projects by supporting entrepreneurs who you believe in.